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Guest Lecture by Navneeth Sulakhe - Landmark Group

Sri City, 11 January 2020:…A strategic and innovative HR leader with over 18 years of experience in various facets of Human Resources, Mr. Navneeth Sulakhe, Head of Talent Management at Landmark Group, visited the campus and shared his insights on “HR as an integral part of management and its role towards customer satisfaction”. An IIMC and SIMS-Pune alumnus, Mr Sulakhe was previously with Reliance retail and Atria Convergence Technologies.

Being a HR professional himself, Mr. Sulakhe spoke about the various roles of HR and how HR shapes the well-being of an organization and its employees which in turn enhances the customer experience. He shared his personal experiences as a professional, especially about the happiness drive carried out in the Landmark Group which was a major success and brought down the attrition rate of the company.

Mr. Sulakhe also released the cover page of Makshastra 2.0 – the annual marketing magazine of IFMR GSB and had a glimpse of the MUN conference organized by the MUN club of IFMR GSB.

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