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Masterclass on "Creating a Narrative"– for MBA students

Sri City, November 19, 2019:…Film Director and National Award winner Prof. K Hariharan, who is also the Director of the Media Lab at Krea University, conducted a Masterclass on "Creating a Narrative" for the MBA students of IFMR Graduate School of Business.

Organized as a part of Prof R Sathyanarayanan's Marketing elective course on ‘Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)’, the session began with a screening of Dubashi (The Translator), a film directed by Prof. Hariharan himself for Children's Film Society of India (CFSI) in 1999. The protagonist is a 12-year-old boy Gopal Rao in the late 1980s who dreams of and works towards getting a new bicycle – and in that processes spreads hope and positivity among members of his family. It is a film full of warmth, hope and a ‘can do’ attitude. There are a lot of lighter moments as well, with subtle satire, as the film uses translation as a metaphor for expanding interaction.

Prof. Hariharan focused on the film and the "multilinguality" narrative as a starting point. He explained narration and effective communication of stories. He touched upon various aspects of film-narrative, starting with continuity and contiguity, importance of form and the format, significance of time period, location, property and actors and covered a gamut of subjects ranging from language constructs to semiotics to constraints of budget. He beautifully explained "bhava" (sentiment) and the nine rasas (essence) as per Bharata's Natyasastra and also the subtle hierarchy of the rasas in the context of storytelling.

Signing-off the session with a special capsule on unique aspects of songs in Indian film narrative, he explained the bases of harmony and melody and touched upon the works of celebrated composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Gustav Mahler in the west and Shahu Maharaj's compositions (contextual to this film) in the east. The masterclass was a thoroughly informative and entertaining session which had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students of this course.

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