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PhD Scholars win Best Paper Award
PhD Scholars win Best Paper Award

Sri City, 14 January 2020:…PhD Scholar from the IFMR Graduate School of Business - Ameesh Samalopanan won best paper awards at two conferences held at Pondicherry University and IIM Tiruchirappalli recently. The papers were authored by him and Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balasubramaniam.

"Understanding Narratives of Young Startup Entrepreneurs in India" was the title of the paper that won the Best Paper Award at the 29th Annual Convention of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) held on 20 – 22 December, 2019, at Pondicherry University. Ameesh Samalopanan also bagged the Best Paper of the Track Award at the sixth biennial conference of the Indian Academy of Management (INDAM) held at the Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli, 2 – 4 January, 2020, for the paper titled "How I became an Entrepreneur: An Exploratory Study of Young Startup Entrepreneurs" in the ‘Organisational Behavior’ track.

Both the award-winning papers were on the subject of startups, based on the experiences of young Indians who have negotiated the entrepreneurial path. Primary data was collected from 15 startup entrepreneurs, in the form of in-depth interviews.

Ameesh Samalopanan and Vijayalakshmi Balasubramaniam analysed the interview transcripts for emergent themes, and came up with five distinct stages in the development of a startup entrepreneur; namely, Pre-Entrepreneurial stage, Inflexion Point, Cocoon period, Initial Stage, Crisis Stage and, depending upon the success factors and support received during crisis stage, either a Success Stage or Failure Stage.

The papers also discussed the various factors contributing to these stages and compared with the secondary data collected. The analyses revealed how the growth pattern of the Start-up Entrepreneur and a successful Entrepreneur diverges into different patterns after initial similarities. Limitations and future implication were also discussed in the paper.

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