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Writers on Writing: Prayaag Akbar in conversation with Akash Kapur
Prayaag Akbar in conversation with Akash Kapur

Sri City, 3 February 2020:…The Centre for Writing and Pedaogogy held its inaugural event ‘Writers on Writing’ wherein Akash Kapur, author of the India Becoming and member of the Academic Council at Krea University, sat down for a chat with Prayaag Akbar. Over the one hour conversation Akash Kapur spoke about how curiosity about the world led him to write, and how he was initiated into the process through student journalism. He also spoke about how a well-written piece by logically structuring information offers a roadmap for the reader. Writing, for him, was a way of engaging with the world, and the best works demonstrate that the writer has taken a journey over the course of the project.

When asked about the future of the book, Akash Kapur mused on the fact that books in the future could take the form of a string of text messages. He flagged the fact that the way in we as readers pay attention has changed, and wondered if long form writing can withstand short bursts of attention, given that reading a book is requires a long term commitment. During the Q&A which followed the discussion, he asked students what and who they were reading, and found that following global trends most young readers prefer contemporary fiction over the classics. He also spoke about how writing honestly and with a sense of empathy towards the reader makes should be the hallmarks of a good piece of work, and is an anxious, extremely intense and focused process that demands utmost concentration. In this regard, he described how he minimizes distractions and interruptions, in order to have a productive writing day. He concluded by emphasizing the responsibility of the writer to represent others stories as faithfully as possible.

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