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Some Excursions in Algorithms

By Madhura Gune, - B.A / B.Sc 19-22 /SIAS

Sri City, November 18, 2019:…Dr. Syed Mohammad Meesum was invited to Krea University on the 18th of November to deliver a talk on the topic Some Excursions in Algorithms. Dr. Meesum works at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. His talk aimed to introduce students to the basics of graph theory, as well as explore some interesting algorithmic puzzles and problems related to graphs.

“I liked how he introduced the subject,” said one of the students who attended the talk. “He began by talking about the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem.”

Instead of diving into the theory, Dr. Meesum chose to introduce the students to the basics of graph theory by asking them to solve the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. The problem requires one to trace a path in such a manner that a person travelling alone it will cross each of the seven bridges that connected the two islands of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) once only. “The efforts of Euler,” stated Dr. Meesum, “to find the solution to this problem led him to formulate the basics of graph theory.

Through this thought experiment, Dr. Meesum explained the criteria which must be fulfilled to create what is known as a ‘Eulerian Circuit’- a complete circuit that passes every ‘edge’ (bridges) connecting the ‘nodes’ of a graph once only.

“Dr. Meesum didn’t focus only on the theoretical aspects of graph theory,” said one of the students. “He also gave us puzzles to solve using the concepts he had taught us. Dr. Meesum introduced students to the mathematical aspect of the game we all remember playing as children: drawing a figure without retracing a line and without lifting the pencil.”

Dr. Meesum’s session was a highly interactive one, with students asking questions and solving fun puzzles related to algorithms and graph theory. “It’s was a great talk to begin the trimester,” attested one of the students. “The first, without doubt, of several more to come.”

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