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S Sivakumar

Divisional Chair, Sciences

Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology - Madras

A theoretical physicist, Sivakumar is interested in quantum and classical dynamics, and statistical physics. He studied physics at IIT-Madras, Chennai and then joined the Department of Atomic Energy as a scientist. He spent more than two decades researching problems critical to the nation building objective of the DAE.

He has also made consistent and significant contributions to the theoretical and experimental physics aspects of the operation and design modifications of the research reactors at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam. His interests in research span from applied research to basic research as well. His earlier research covered coherent states, atom-field interaction and quantum entanglement. His more recent interests are in the quantum optics-quantum information frontier. He actively pursues issues related to identifying realizable physical systems for use in quantum metrology and quantum information processing. Manifestations of quantum entanglement in condensed matter is another area that he is exploring.

He has a passion for teaching physics and has two decades of experience in teaching various physics courses for undergraduates, post-graduates, and research scholars. Prior to joining Krea University, he was associated with the Homi Bhabha National Institute and Chennai Mathematical Institute. He has mentored many physics and engineering students for their Masters’ theses. All of whom have taken up research as their career. His other interests include mathematics and history of physics.

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