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Shivani Vijayraj Jadeja


Assistant Professor of Biological Science

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Shivani Jadeja holds a Ph.D in Biological Sciences with specialisation in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA and an M.Sc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the Wildlife Conservation Society – India Program at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, India.

Her teaching and research draws from her international exposure to state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities in India, USA, and Costa Rica. She has emphasises teaching Life Science to undergraduate students and mentoring them to carry out inquiry driven projects both in the field and in the laboratory. Her student-centred teaching style emphasizes development of higher-order thinking skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, and synthesis.

Her broad research interests are primarily in the field of evolutionary ecology that span understanding causes and consequences of variation in life history strategies and plant-animal interactions. Her research investigates shifts in organisms’ strategies and interactions in response to changes in their environment. She uses a range of empirical and theoretical approaches to address her questions. She has studied the role of within-species variation in territorial behaviour of a seed disperser in facilitating the dispersal of a woody invasive tree in grassland habitats. Recent work involved identifying mechanisms underlying and consequences of variation in reproductive life-history strategies of sequentially flowering plants and their seed-herbivores. Her research findings are published in peer-reviewed international journals and presented at international conferences.

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