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Krea University announces partnership with Inspirit, Virtual Reality Design Firm.

Krea University partners with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and
Transformative Values to interweave ethics into Krea's curriculum.


School of Interwoven Arts & Sciences faculty count reaches 30


Chennai, 22 July 2019: School of Interwoven Arts & Sciences (SIAS) has drawn XX academics from the humanities, social sciences, literature, arts, and sciences. Students of SIAS will have the unique privilege of learning and interacting with some of the finest academic minds from top universities around the world like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, IIT, Imperial College, IISc Bangalore and Columbia,

The faculty pool includes scholars, teachers and researchers, all well versed in the multi-directional approach to teaching that encourages creativity, critical thinking, communication, contemplation, cross-disciplinary approaches, real-world implementation, and the ability to negotiate unanswered questions.

In an attempt to bring a real-life, practical element to learning on campus, the faculty also includes ‘professors of practice’, whose learning from their substantial achievements in various fields would be a great resource for students to draw upon.

This brings the SIAS faculty count to 30, as it prepares to commence classes in August in Sricity campus.

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