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Krea University announces partnership with Inspirit, Virtual Reality Design Firm.

Krea University partners with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and
Transformative Values to interweave ethics into Krea's curriculum.


Orientation Week – Highlights

Orientation Week - Highlights

The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences was inaugurated in a grand ceremony on the 13th of August. In the week long orientation that followed the first cohort of students participated in a series of exciting, inspiring fun sessions and performances. They had the rare privilege of listening to eminent personalities including Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Amala Akkineni, Kartik Shanker, Srikumar Subramanian, Anushka Meenakshi and Iswar Srikumar, who addressed them on a variety of thought-provoking topics.

The session by Shilpa Antony Raj, author of ‘The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter’ in conversation with Paula Mariwala, member of Board of Management, Krea University, on ‘I am my own destiny’ was immensely motivating and inspiring for the students. Prof Gaurav Raina interacted with Srikumar Subramanian, an acclaimed researcher from the University of Singapore and a graduate from IIT Madras about ‘Creativity in the Age of Automation’, the artistic uses of audio and video technology.

The Independence Day celebrations saw students interacting with Gopalkrishna Gandhi, a former diplomat and author, in the session ‘Beginnings’ where he said “Today is a day of your choice, a day of your independent choice… It’s the beginning of a new day for you as you struggle to break your bonds and search for your own future". He motivated them with anecdotes from the Tamil classic Thirukkural.

Kartik Shanker, ecologist and founder trustee of Dakshin Foundation and Associate Professor at the Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES), Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore spoke to the students about environmental concerns and importance of conservation. He drew from his experience working with marine turtles. “Environmental issues cannot be dealt with in isolation. They are linked to all the social issues we deal with – from health, water, sanitation, education, other aspects of social aspirations, they are all interconnected” he said.

Eagerly looked forward to session in the ‘Speaker Series’ was Amala Akkineni’s ‘How to lead a good life’. She referred to her own life a “work in progress” and herself a ‘life-long learner’ She gave valuable tips to the students like “Start by taking ownership of your own learning. Learn to manage your energy, your interest, focus, because you never know where life is going to take you, and you will have to learn new things all the time” Aman Singh, who helped design the innovative admissions process at Krea spoke to students about ‘Making the most of college life’ asking them to “Get whatever you want in life – job, degree, program, mentor etc., - the simplest way to get there is to deserve it" It’s a simple idea, he said that goes very far.The Speaker Series concluded with a discussion between Anushka Meenakshi (documentary/independent filmmaker) and Iswar Srikumar (actor) on the u-ra-mi-li Project – when they landed in Phek in their quest for ‘everyday music’ five years ago – and their experiences since then.

Students also participated in team-building workshops conducted by Unni Nair from Excel Lifeskills Academy, workshop on campus policies and an introduction to the Counselling Centre on campus led by Dr. Keerthi Pai, PhD, CBT in adolescents, M.Phil,Clinical Psychology and M.Phil, Counseling the consultant on campus. She spoke about the support that the centre would be providing to students, in case they faced any challenges in areas of academics, relationships, or any other form of stresses.

The orientation week concluded with fun filled weekend Kreanites, which saw extraordinary performances by standup comedian Evam, live music and dances by the bands 'Joint by the Sea' 'Buddar Parai Kuzhu' and 'Sparsh Quartet' and were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The concluding day started with an enthralling performance by Anil Srinivasan, an acclaimed pianist, an educator and a community champion. He kept the audience mesmerised by a string of melodies seamlessly stitched together. This was followed by student talent shows including dance performances, skits, mimes and poetry recitals which went on till late in the evening. We wish the incoming batch an amazing year of learning.

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