"Krea has offered me the opportunity to explore all my interests in the same place, and has changed the way I approach problems and come up with impactful solutions".

Aishwarya Sivaramakrishnan

Cohort of 2022
Passionate about creating measurable social impact in the field of education, and dreams of moving to Germany and owning a library

Physical Sciences at Krea

How do we understand nature in all its dimensions, from matter ranging from the tiniest subnuclear constituents to the largest, namely, the cosmos? Physical science provides us the most fundamental conceptual framework for such insights. Its principles provide the basis for almost every branch of science and applied sciences.    Physicists and chemists use the same principles enshrined in the study of  classical and quantum dynamics,  fundamental  interactions and statistical mechanics.  Only the objects of study are different. Atoms are formed due to interactions among subatomic particles.   Chemistry focuses on emergent properties of atoms, molecules and their aggregates.    Physics is the  study  of the  subatomic stratum at one extreme and the universe itself at the other extreme.  It should be quite exciting to know the reason for such wide  applicability of the principles that form the foundations of both physics and chemistry.    In this course we integrate the key ideas, concepts and applications from the artificially demarcated disciplines of physics and chemistry.   This course will enable students to understand anything,  right from the origin of gravitational waves to the reason for  carbon based life on the earth.  Of course, everything in between will also be  accessible to their intellectual experience.

The Approach

The curriculum has been designed to enable students to appreciate the commonality and importance of approaching research questions from the perspectives of both physics and chemistry.   Students will be exposed to theoretical frameworks and experiments that bring out the commonality of these two disciplines.  This course will also take up questions that need to be answered with inputs from both physics and chemistry.   Students of this major will take courses along with other students who specialize in one of the two disciplines.  This ensures that the students  of this course would have learnt cumulatively all those concepts learnt from doing the majors in physics and chemistry separately.  

Programme Details