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Krea University commences academic instruction online

A platform for the 21st century and beyond,
Krea University continuously seeks to reimagine learning.


Be more at Krea

Every student who enters these portals is a Krea Scholar in the making. The Krea campus is home to students and staff from all over the world, making it a vibrant and inclusive place to live and study.

At Krea University, we aim to provide the best possible immersive learning experience. Every young Krea Scholar is encouraged to ‘be more’ through interactive, peer-based learning and living. Our campus is a vibrant community of staff and students who are curious to learn and restless to make a difference to the world we live in.

Krea invites you to a new way of learning!

Counselling Support

Counselling services is accessible for all students. Individual counselling for students of SIAS is a priority, when they need it.

Workshops and developmental group activities are also conducted periodically to help students cope with any challenges and listen to their concerns. Our competent counsellors ensure ethical handling of student problems, with strict data privacy policies.

Events and Activities

Learning experience at Krea is enhanced through the various events and activities that provide an opportunity for creative self-expression.

Guided by our expert faculty, students have the liberty to create events and activities cutting across domains of art, science, language, cultures, philosophy, history, books, music, dance, etc. All club-based activities are aimed at bridging the ‘Knowing-Doing Gap’.

These activities equip students with key skills in communication, collaboration, organizing and time management – all which form part of the learning process.

Besides learning, these student activities are curated to create lasting memories of your student life at Krea.

Cohort Profile of Class 2022

Cohort Profile of Class 2022