IFMR GSB welcomes the L&T C EMBA cohort of 2020-23 


IFMR GSB at Krea University, welcomed the new cohort of L&T Executives to the EMBA program 2020-23. Dr Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor at Krea University and Dr Shobha Das, Dean of IFMR GSB, personally welcomed the new executives. Other distinguished guests at the inauguration event included Mr. Ramkishore, Vice President & Head – Divisional Corporate HR, L&T Construction and Mr. Karthikeyan TV, Executive Vice President – Finance and Accounts, L&T Construction. 

Dr Sunder Ramaswamy expressed in his welcome address, “L&T Construction is one of the iconic companies in India which has played a major role in building India’s defining infrastructure projects. The company has admirably continued to invest in its employees even during these tough times.” 

He also added, that we live in a world, where information is cheap, instant and universally available, the differentiation between information and knowledge is how to optimally harness information aided by effective coaching and teaching. IFMR GSB faculty  would teach learners ‘how to learn’ and remain relevant in the increasingly dynamically changing world that we inhabit.

In her welcome note, Dr Shobha Das shared the rich history of IFMR GSB, set up in 1970 – the 1st of its kind in the financial research  and education center in Asia. “This partnership brings together two organizations who excel in their respective fields and both organizations place a lot of importance to knowledge and learning.” , stated Dr Das . She lauded L&T Construction as a much-admired company for several reasons, a key reason being its willingness to invest in employee development, even more admirable, in the current crisis amid uncertainties.

In his insightful address to the incoming cohort, Mr. Ramkishore explained the rigorous selection process that handpicks 45 participants who make it to the committed program. He added, “An MBA instills certain key attributes essential for success; quick thinking, analyzing data and converting it into information, turning information into insights and converting insights into focused actions.” He urged participants to make the most of the virtual situation they are in, free themselves from the constraints of time and space that this opportunity affords and make the most of this education that participants are about to receive.

Reinforcing the partnership, he stated that L&T C partners only with institutions of excellence as their academic partners and IFMR GSB at Krea University is one of them. 

Chief Guest of the inauguration event, Mr. Karthikeyan T V, shared words of wisdom and emphasized that it was up to the participants to make the best use of the faculty and the resources made available to them. “At the end of this three year MBA program, my experience and expectation is that participants would have excellent business sense, that only an MBA course imparts- ‘How to run your business’, ‘How to deal with situations that are commercial oriented’ and ‘How do you think professionally, but in a business focused manner’ , ‘How do I make money’. 

The incoming cohort includes L&T C IC Head HRs- Mr. Srikant Srinivasan, PT&D; Mr. Bartanu Kumar Das, HC ; Ms. Poonam Chandok TI; Mr. J Kabilan B&F; Ms. K Meena Priya IEL; Mr. Girish, Smart World & Communication; Mr. Binu L&T GEO and L&T  Divisional Corporate Academic Contact head – Mr. Raghavendran.