Evolution of HR: Creating a workplace for ALL

Evolution of HR: Creating a workplace for ALL

The human resource management profession continues to evolve and it has never been more crucial than it is now. What used to be viewed as a routine function within an organisation is now one of the most dynamic places to work, with its renewed focus on employee experience and the future of work. In this interactive session with Anupa Sadasivan (Co-head – Human Capital Management, Goldman Sachs Services India), learn more about how diversity plays an important role in organisations; how HR leaders are re-calibrating the hiring process; and the impact that organisations like Goldman Sachs create as they uphold their organisational values.

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Beyond the Classroom- the skills to become a potential employee

Laks Krishnamoorthy

In an insightful interaction with the students of IFMR GSB, Lakshmanan (Laks) Krishnamoorthy- VP Engineering & General Manager, Navis shared his perspectives on transformational leadership. Allaying concerns surrounding the leap from classroom to employment, Mr Krishnamoorthy stressed on SIMPLE, expanded to Social Skills, Interpersonal Relationship, Money Matters, Personal Branding, Learning, and Endurance. Imparting lessons from his own journey, he encouraged students to “Learn to do the work without expecting anything in return”, relevant to both the professional and personal aspects of life.

Emergence of Sports Industry and its Future

Deep Mukherjee

“The emergence of the sports industry presents an opportunity from a career standpoint, as an economic contributor and as a contributor to nation building.” With that, Deep Mukherjee,  CEO, CII- National Committee on Sports, shared insights from the evolving realm of sports with the students at Krea. Speaking of opportunities across talent management, programming, data analysis and tech in sports, Deep touched upon the explosive growth of sports as an industry, its potential to create millions of jobs in the near future, inculcating sports into curriculum as a wholesome subject and not a supplement and how it helped in the holistic development of a student. Speaking of the campaign ‘Making India Play’ he encouraged the need to build a sporting culture in India.