Measuring women’s unpaid work: Understanding the challenges

Measuring women’s unpaid work: Understanding the challenges

While it is a welcome attempt to provide worth to housework, steps to reduce and redistribute such work are, perhaps, more important than asking for women’s unpaid work to be monetised, even notionally. They are important to ensure women’s rights and a sense of social justice. Soumya Kapoor Mehta (Head – IWWAGE) and Sona Mitra (Principal Economist – IWWAGE) look at the challenges to compensating women for their unpaid work. Read the article published by The Hindustan Times here.

State-of-the-art incubation centre launched

State-of-the-art incubation centre launched

Catalyst AIC now has a full-functional, state-of-the-art incubation infrastructure in Jaipur, spreading across 11,000 sq.ft. The space has been designed keeping in mind the kind of vibrant and bustling environment that technology entrepreneurs need, backed by high-end facilities for the team as well as the incubated startup teams. Launched recently, Catalyst AIC has already entered into significant partnerships with various organisations including Jaipur Rugs, Social Alpha, LEAD at Krea, RAIN, Sirohi, TiE, Upaya Social Ventures, Creative Dignity, among others.

IFMR GSB Faculty publishes impactful research paper


IFMR GSB faculty member — Sumit Mishra, Assistant Professor, Economics and Data Science has published another impactful research paper. His paper “Diversity Deficit and Scale-Flip” co-authored with Naveen Bharathi (Harvard University), Deepak Malghan (IIM – Bangalore), and Andaleeb Rahman (Cornell University published in the Journal of Development Studies, using data from more than half a million villages in India, shows that greater caste-diversity is associated with better public goods access in rural India.

IWWAGE launches ‘Gender in Focus’ Magazine

Gender in focus IWWAGE (1)

IWWAGE, an initiative of LEAD at Krea University, launched the first edition of its quarterly Magazine, Gender in Focus. The digital magazine showcases IWWAGE’s work in the intervention, research and advocacy space around key issues emerging as challenges for women’s economic empowerment in India. Gender in Focus presents a teaser of some of the work that IWWAGE is involved in, to address some of these challenges and in capturing best practices.

The inaugural issue brought voices from the field based on open-ended discussions held with our partner civil society organisations in four states, on how women and their groups have been affected by the pandemic and the lockdown. In addition, the issue provides snapshots of webinars conducted around the theme of COVID-19 and its impacts on women in different domains, and presents a new series of policy notes, to provide timely and actionable recommendations so that policies or programmes announced by governments help build not only a more resilient, but a gender responsive world post COVID. Besides the emphasis on COVID, this Gender in Focus issue presents summaries of the other exciting work that IWWAGE has been engaged in, such as, unpacking state-wise trends in labour force participation in India, the sectors that women work in and wage gaps; a new policy and programme series (also at the state level) to map what programmes exist and are targeted at women, and their effectiveness; women’s engagement with the gig economy and the precariousness they face while engaging with such platforms; and digital solutions that IWWAGE is working on with its tech partners in helping women gain information about their rights and entitlements. Gender in Focus can be downloaded from the website with this link- Gender in Focus.

Can COVID-19 change social protection in India for the better?

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COVID-19 has exposed the glaring holes in India’s social welfare delivery system. LEAD’s Raka De and Anjani Balu pen down this piece on the deficiencies in the current architecture and suggest how the pandemic may prove to be an impetus for strengthening last-mile delivery of welfare benefits and services in India.