‘Krea Lecture Series: History’ with Dr David Arnold | 15 Sept, 3 PM IST

‘Krea Lecture Series: History’ with Dr David Arnold | 15 Sept, 3 PM IST

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, the past remains a vital resource for us to understand the present. However, the present can act as a trigger for the past, impelling us to re-examine significant historical events and issues. 

Join Dr David Arnold from the University of Warwick (UK) for an insightful lecture on how a “living” history can evoke human experiences that make us re-evaluate the past with a new perspective.

This lecture is open to all. Attend via https://krea-edu-in.zoom.us/j/98952450106?pwd=VVhZTXlQeW5KTTVJVWw2bHlKUnRQdz09

Krea University Early Action application round for UG admissions closes on 20 November 2020

Krea University Early Action application round for UG admissions closes on 20 November 2020

Krea University opened its Early Action round to Undergraduate admissions on 19 October 2020 and this round closes on 20 November 2020. The Early Action Round is the shortest application window in the admissions cycle, and offers significant benefits to applicants who like to plan early.

Applying in the Early Action round provides multiple benefits to the aspirants. These include receiving a decision on the application by the end of the year, much before the board exams. It also is highly recommended for applicants seeking Financial Assistance, as this round puts them in a better position to avail aid.

Speaking about the benefits of this round, Director-Admissions, Padmini Sankaran shares, “The Early Action Round has been designed to help aspirants gain a head start with applications. It provides them with ample exam-free time to focus on their Krea application form and its requirements which gives them an opportunity to showcase their potential beyond academic achievements. The round ensures that they have the advantage of choice without being pushed against deadlines.’’

SIAS offers three-year BA (Honours) and BSc (Honours) degrees, with an option to do an additional year of Advanced Studies. It is a fully residential programme and the students embark on their learning journey nestled in a campus, which is a rich combination of green spaces and urban culture, located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, 55 kms from Chennai.

Founded by a stellar team of eminent global leaders, Krea University provides students with an education journey that prepares them with diverse skills for the world of tomorrow. The unique Interwoven Learning Model equips students with not just varied knowledge elements but also helps them comprehend how these converge in the real world.

Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sunder Ramaswamy says, “Krea’s mission statement is to prepare humanity for an unpredictable world, and it has never been more relevant. Today, more than ever before, the world needs impactful leaders and pivotal change-makers and at Krea, we prepare students to be them. The Admissions process has been thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the disruption around us and to ensure that each applicant has a seamless experience.”

The two-stage undergraduate admission process at SIAS is holistic and multidimensional. It gauges the potential of a student beyond academic scores and singular eligibility criterion.

With a choice of 9 majors, 15 minors, 4 joint majors and multiple concentrations, the students are introduced to an extensive range of core and skill courses in their first year. They are guided by some of the finest academic minds who come with multidisciplinary education from reputed international universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard UC Berkeley, Imperial College, Columbia, NUS among others.

The students gain to access a range of immersive study, research and work opportunities around the world. Krea University has noteworthy partnerships including MIT Dalai Lama Centre for Ethics, University of Chicago, Stanford University, Australia Council of Arts, King’s College London, James Cook University, Berkeley Global, The India Oxford Initiative, Victoria University of Wellington, Nottingham Trent University and many more.

Students also get to be a part of a talented peer group which brings together high achievers from across the country. The cohort at the Undergraduate schools comprises students from 18 states and across 50 cities. These include promising sportspersons with global achievements, budding authors, researchers with published literature, performing artists, and young entrepreneurs among others. 

The applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. Students who wish to unlock the many benefits of Early Action Round are encouraged to apply before 20 November 2020. The application portal for SIAS can be accessed here.

Krea University welcomes its 2nd cohort of undergraduate students


Nobel Laureate Esther Duflo delivers the keynote address

The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences at Krea University welcomed 144 talented students into the second cohort of the undergraduate programme. The inaugural ceremony preceded the virtual five-day interactive orientation event which brought together the incoming cohort, sophomores, faculty and eminent speakers. The classes for the new cohort commenced online from the 1st of September.

The holistic admission process at Krea gauges potential beyond academic scores, ensuring a diverse set of students from varied backgrounds and interests. The students come from over 17 states of India and from various boards of education. In keeping with the University’s need blind admission and need-aware financial assistance process, over 25% of the cohort has received financial assistance.

Dr Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor of Krea University welcomed the students with the message of FLARE — Fun, Learning, Adaptability, Resilience and Empathy, he deemed necessary for the young students to embrace, in their life at university.  “As you begin the Krea journey, send out a flare into the world. I hope you will make your impact, and as you are trying to make your life better, I hope you also make it matter.” He shared Krea’s mission statement to admit high potential students and prepare humanity for an unpredictable world. 

Nobel Laureate and co-founder of J-PAL, Dr Esther Duflo, was the special guest of honour and addressed the students on this momentous occasion. In her keynote address Dr Duflo extended three guiding principles for the students, for their time at Krea and beyond. She encouraged students to embrace diversity, be flexible and not be overwhelmed with problems. Tracing her own journey in life, she added, “You have the luxury of being at a very unique institution that values multi-disciplinary learning. Take this opportunity to take life chances, encounters, and let intellectual discoveries guide you. Embrace nimbleness and flexibility rather than single minded focus on one goal.”

She asked them to celebrate the diversity in their cohort, create social networks and learn from people who are different from their own selves.

“You are here because you want to be change-makers but you might be wondering where to start from. Don’t get overwhelmed. There is no problem however big it is that can’t be broken into smaller pieces. Pick one of those small pieces, apply your mind and skills to it and solve it. Then move to the next one. And don’t worry about the size of the overall challenge, before you know it you would have changed the world and changed yourselves as well.”

Dr Bishnu Mohaptra, Dean of School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences in his message to the students welcomed them to explore the idea of university. “Freedom, diversity and interconnectedness – all these ideas are debated within university and here within Krea. This is a place to debate these ideas and give them a new lease of life. It’s also a place where by giving new life to these ideas, we make them more meaningful, vibrant and useful.” He shared SIAS’s commitment to provide a space in fostering and strengthening these ideas and the ability of students to debate these ideas.

Dr Shobha Das, Dean of IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea, welcomed the incoming cohort on behalf of the school. She added, “In weaving, two distinct sets of threads are interlaced at right angles to weave a cloth. The two schools, SIAS and GSB are distinct, and the University is woven with threads from the two schools, each distinct but both together forming parts of the woven textured cloth that is Krea.”

The ceremony included special moments from the welcome by the faculty and also the second-year students. Student Meera Trivedi on behalf of the Class of 2022 shared, “What I want to tell you today is that in all of its glory, with the beautiful campus, beyond excellent professors, unique curriculum and the intellectual culture, Krea is essentially what you make of it.”

The orientation programme was put together by the Orientation Team comprising the 2nd year cohort and was themed “Along Came ’23”. The fun and lively five-day long orientation was inspired with themes from gripping TV shows and movies. The event also witness sessions by celebrated activist Kalki Subramaniam and international artist Jacob Boehme.

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