First things first! At the core of this edition of The Krea Communiqué which is singularly devoted to the idea of research, is a spirit of inquiry. As a team, we have been – individually and collectively – fascinated with all things research and those who inhabit its world, nurturing a mindset for it and pursuing it with unwavering passion and perseverance.

In the context of Krea, research has been the institution’s constant companion, a co-traveller in pursuit of creating citizens who are curious, critical and committed in equal measure, looking to dig deep and deliberate upon issues that matter to the world that we live in.

Our own interest to curate an edition exclusively dedicated to investigating research and its unfolding in the context of an academic institution also stems from our involvement with two recent initiatives – Commemoration of the MOU between The Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) and Inclusion Economics at Yale University in Delhi, and the launch of the Sapien Labs Centre for Human Brain and Mind in Chennai.

Research has been Krea’s constant companion, a co-traveller in pursuit of creating citizens who are curious, critical and committed, looking to dig deep and deliberate upon issues that matter to the world that we live in.

In this edition, we attempt to satiate our appetite for research and its many facets. You will meet researchers as they share their personal stories on how they stumbled into this world and made it their own, one day at a time; get a glimpse into the history of research in the context of Indian universities; meet our first PhD scholar and feel the joy that comes with journeying through the process to reach a destination; understand and appreciate the underlying qualities that maketh a researcher; go on a field tour with our research associates from across Krea University’s many research centres. And there’s more!

We hope you set aside work for a little while to savour this edition with the very crucial components that often come together to make and grow a researcher, in the true sense of the word!

Happy reading!

Akhila Krishnamurthy
Director - Communications

In focus

An interview
with Sharon Buteau

In an exclusive conversation, Sharon Buteau, shares with us her story, a powerful tale of experiences as she continues a decade-and-a-half long journey through India as a research leader and the Executive Director, LEAD at Krea University.

From combining passions, skills and experience into choosing research to drive impact, transitioning from a researcher to heading a research entity, and the insights from collaborating with the right people to solve the most complex of socio-economic problems, Sharon sheds light on some key takeaways from her rich experience.Read More

Past Forward

A world-renowned historian
shares insights into the history of
research at Indian universities

In an edition anchored on the theme of research and its critical role In the world of academics and the very act of learning itself, it only felt right to invite one of of the most renowned historians in India and the globe, to share his insights on the history of research in the context of Indian universities. In an exclusive piece for The Krea Communiqué, Prof Ramachandra Guha helps us navigate through the history of research across natural sciences and the social sciences in the 165 years since the first modern universities in India were founded. Prof Guha sheds light on how Indian universities have failed to perform as creditably as might have been expected but not everything is lost as the recent decades have witnessed corrective steps taken by the public university system; and how a whole new generation of private universities will further and deepen this process. Prof Guha emphasises, "In the Indian context, the university must be conceived of as a theatre of intellectual innovation as well as of social emancipation."Read More

The Research Mindset

A veteran researcher shares
the ‘spirit’ that steers research

In the course of curating opinion and experiences pieces for our edition, we sought a seasoned researcher who could shed light on what we have pegged 'the research mindset', a first-person account of the journey through research, the preparation, trials and tribulations, and perseverance as one attempts to solve the unsolved. Who better than a veteran researcher, academic and practitioner to take us through this journey of inquisitiveness and enquiry, which is interesting but also tough and demanding? Prof Swarnamalya Ganesh takes us on a journey through her words, from the persistent questions as a young practitioner to the early years as an academic researcher that led her to her calling - the Early Modern South Indian Nayaka era.

As Prof Ganesh poignantly narrates, the need to retain the child-like joy in the “spirit of enquiry” each time one steps into the field, understanding that “I know not fully, yet” all through the milestones, and how the true hallmark awaits not just in the great courage exhibited during research but in the patience that emerges when the courage subsides.Read More

Each image is a storyteller and what better way than images from the field to catch a glimpse of the deeply impactful work that the Research Centres at Krea carry out on the field, every day. Presenting, a collection of photographs unpacking a few episodes in a series of instrumental work done by some of our research centres interweaving high-quality research with impactful solutions on the ground.View More

Meet the Researchers

Short Snippets From
Researchers at Krea

They are inquisitive in their pursuit for answers, meticulous in their approach to data, and tenacious in their adherence to the principles of scientific reasoning. Krea faculty are educators, institution builders and passionate researchers. We asked some of them about their take on research – their inspiration, focus and approach to the process of discovering new knowledge. Through a series of short snippets, we present to you their insights into the fascinating world of methodological and systematic research.
Read More

The Trailblazer

Interview with Krea University’s First PhD Graduate

In July 2022, Krea University added one more name to its league of distinguished alumni – Dr Ameesh Samalopanan became Krea’s first PhD scholar awarded a doctoral degree. Under the supervision of Prof Vijayalakshmi C Balasubramaniam, IFMR GSB, he successfully defended his thesis on "Exploring Dignity at Workplace: A Mixed-Method Study”. Dr Samalopanan now works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Studies at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

Inspired by his achievement, we reached out to him for an interview, hoping for a glimpse into his world of scholastic proclivity and research pursuits and what we have are candid insights into his PhD journey, his motivation and goals, the rigour and gaiety of his university days, his pinnacles and vicissitudes, as well as what this major academic milestone represents for his overall career trajectory
Read More

On the Research Quest

Five Students at Krea share their
stories as budding researchers

In a world that’s evolving faster than ever before, the most critical of questions are novel and unscripted. Knowledge-driven growth that is fuelled by innovation is the need of the hour.

Students at Krea are on a quest for knowledge, some of them having trodden the path of research much prior to stepping into the world of Krea. They are curious investigators with research interests across the social, political, scientific, and technical spectrum. Questioning the status quo, attempting to solve the unanswered, challenging their own selves, and advancing knowledge, each of them is re-shaping the norm. View More

The newest members of Krea joined the family, welcomed by week-long Orientation events. At the same time, the seniors from the school of SIAS came together to narrate their summer stories, may it be the research impact internships or the global summer programmes they attended, each story distinct from the other. In an ode to friendships, students from GSB and SIAS shared ‘what friendship meant to them’ as part of the campaign ‘Krea Bonds’. Through ‘Dear First Year Me’, the SIAS cohort of 2024 penned a note to their younger selves, reflecting on the day they stepped into the world of Krea. In our very own talk show hosted by the Kreators, ‘The Krea Prelude’ witnessed two trailblazers share their unconventional stories, of breaking the norm, staying true to one’s passion and taking the road less travelled.

All this and so much more, here is a #roundup of what was #trendingatkrea.

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