Updates from the Department of Sciences

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Updates from the Department of Sciences

Student Spotlight

News from the Mountains

Our very own Kreator, Naga Satish Pasupuleti, from SIAS, Cohort of 2025, has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the world’s youngest person to conquer

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Faculty Spotlight

Penning Tales

Dr Gayathri Sampath, Associate Professor, Strategy and Chairperson – MBA Programme at IFMR GSB recently penned a short story, now included as part of an

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Performance for a Cause

Anil Srinivasan, renowned pianist and Visiting Professor of Practice, Literature & the Arts, SIAS joined by bassist Naveen Napier, percussionist Krishna Kishor, and award-winning vocalist

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Research and Impact

To love the unsolved mysteries- My research journey

Prof Swarnamalya Ganesh takes us through a journey through her words, from the persistent questions as a young practitioner to the early years as an academic researcher that led her to her calling- the Early Modern South Indian Nayaka era. As Prof Ganesh poignantly narrates, the need to retain the child-like joy in the “spirit of enquiry” each time one steps into the field, understanding that “I know not fully, yet” all through the milestones, and how the true hallmark awaits not just in the great courage exhibited during research but in the patience that emerges when the courage subsides. 

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On the Research Quest

Students at Krea are on a quest for knowledge, some of them having trod onto the path of research much prior to stepping into the world of Krea. They are curious investigators with research interests across the social, political, scientific, and technical spectrum. Questioning the status quo, attempting to solve the unanswered, challenging their own selves, advancing knowledge, each of them are reshaping the norm.

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Sustainability in the Krea Universe

Herein, presenting research studies, projects and articles packed with insights which look at the world through the Sustainability lens by the faculty members, Research Centres and students within Krea

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Science Blogs


My journey to Krea

My journey to Krea started in February 2022, when I had just undertaken my 12th class examinations and was worried about my future. I was feeling anxious about getting into a good university. In the process, I was researching on colleges voraciously to see which one would suit me best, and that’s when I suddenly stumbled upon a vlogger, Gauri Goyal who at that time was a third-year student at Krea. She had uploaded a vlog showcasing a full campus tour of Krea and that’s what really piqued my interest to come to Krea.

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Hear from a young mind at Krea on what transpired in an exclusive interaction with Dr Raghuram Rajan. Kathan, a freshman from SIAS reports.

How does it feel to be engaged in an interaction with one of the finest minds in the world? To be able to have an unfiltered discussion, sharing perspectives, raising queries and navigating unexplored pathways of thought. Hear from a young mind at Krea on what transpired in an exclusive interaction with Dr Raghuram Rajan. Kathan, a freshman from SIAS reports.

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