Vice-Chancellor Search

Krea University’s current Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sunder Ramaswamy  will be returning to the U.S at the end of his term in summer 2021.

The search for Krea University’s next Vice-Chancellor is now open.

Applicants may send in a letter explaining their interest in and suitability for this position, along with a detailed CV, by email to [email protected]. Questions may also be directed to this email address.

Applicants may review the details below and submit their application before 15 December, 2020.

It is expected that the final decision will be announced in April 2021.


Information shared by applicants, as well the fact that a candidate has applied for this position, will be held strictly confidential. This will be shared only with members of the Search Committee, as well as with administrative personnel facilitating the search process.

All individuals with access to candidate information are committed to upholding highest standards of confidentiality.

An applicant’s consent will be sought before any material or information is shared with others.

About Krea University

Krea University is a unique educational effort, specifically conceived and designed to address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.  The purpose behind Krea is to re-imagine university education for our times, without being anchored by existing paradigms.

Krea University’s mission is to help humanity prepare for an unpredictable world.  The intent is to develop a view of the future through rigorous and inter-disciplinary research and education that continuously feeds the design of interwoven learning.  In doing so, Krea would enable high potential individuals to learn to create positive, catalytic impact ethically.

Interwoven learning and research weave together the arts and sciences, creativity and action, eastern and western perspectives. It draws upon the profound learnings of the past and present, to prepare students for the future.

Innovation is Krea’s institutional DNA, and ethics, inclusivity, accountability and excellence are the key institutional values.

Krea University is a private university in India, established as per The Andhra Pradesh Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) (Amendment) Act, 2018.

IFMR Society is the sponsoring body of the University.  IFMR has wide and deep experience in education and research for the past 50 years, including a post graduate degree in management that is now offered by the IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea University (GSB).

In addition, IFMR is host to prominent Research Centres, including Catalyst AIC, CDFI, EPoD, IWWAGE, J-PAL South Asia and LEAD.   Krea University is charged with the management oversight of these Research Centers, and integrating them with University’s overall research vision.

Krea University commenced its undergraduate BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) programs under the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) from August 2019 onwards. This 3-year program in interwoven arts and sciences also offers an option to do an additional year i.e. fourth year of Advanced Studies. The majors and minors currently offered span economics, history, political science, social studies, literature, global arts, mathematics, computer science, psychology, environmental studies, physics, chemistry, biology and business studies

University Vision 2025

Krea was originally conceived in 2016, with a mission to help humanity prepare for an unpredictable world.  The journey towards this mission was considered in a phased manner: 2016-2019, 2020–2025, and so on.  The first phase of conception – which involved laying the foundations for the university and commencing operations – has been successfully completed.  Krea University today operates out of a 40-acre campus in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, with 200 additional acres of land for future expansion.  Strong initial cohorts of faculty and students are in place.

As Krea enters the second phase of its journey, the Krea Innovation Taskforce has begun a consultative process of developing a collective and shared vision of the University’s goals and expectations for the next five years.  This process is likely to reach an initial conclusion by December 2020.  Delivering on Krea’s goals for 2025 – in the context of the unpredictable world of the past several months – will require extraordinary agility and collaboration. Leading Krea through this critical phase 2 is the primary expectation of the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

The role

The Vice-Chancellor is the principal academic and executive officer of the university, accountable to the Governing Council, represented by the Chairman of its Executive Committee, and the Chancellor. As the pivotal member of the University’s Leadership Council, the Vice-Chancellor works collaboratively and transparently with leaders of different parts of the university, on all key decisions pertaining to the University. The Vice-Chancellor is an ex-officio member of the Governing Council, and chairs the Academic Council and Board of Management.

In the formative years of School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS), it is expected that the Vice Chancellor shall primarily focus on building this School, while providing oversight and support to the leaders of the IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB), Research Centres and Administration.

Type of Employment



The position is based on the campus of Krea University in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, 55km from Chennai


Competitive INR compensation

Term of Employment

In accordance with the Andhra Pradesh Private Universities (establishment and regulation) Act, 2016, the Vice-Chancellor is appointed for a 3-year term, renewable thereafter.

Role Responsibilities

The Vice Chancellor’s responsibilities shall include the following, at the university level, with primary emphasis on SIAS: 
In addition, the Vice-Chancellor shall, along with the University Leadership Council, oversee and provide support as required for the following:

Ideal Candidate Profile

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should be a distinguished academician, with a minimum of ten years of experience as Professor in a University system, or ten years of experience in an equivalent position in a reputed research and/or academic administrative organization.

Skills and Experience

Consistent with Krea’s ethos with regards to student admissions and faculty hiring, the ideal candidate should be a leader with high potential who has holistically demonstrated the following, in traditional or non-traditional ways.

Search Committee

Dr Vishakha N Desai


Kapil Viswanathan


Anita Arjundas


Raghuram G Rajan, PhD

Srinath Raghavan, PhD

Vivek Khemka


Application Process

Applications to this position will be accepted until Dec 15th, 2020.

Applicants may send in a letter explaining their interest in and suitability for this position, along with a detailed CV.

This may be sent to [email protected]