Krea announces recipients of Faculty Research Fellowship

In a bid to encourage and support young faculty, staff and students, the management at Krea is delighted to introduce a Research Fellowship for the academic year of 2020-2021. These fellowships are available on a competitive basis across SIAS and IFMR GSB for anyone at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor, Senior Assistant Professor and Senior / Assistant / Associate Professor of Practice, staff, and students. Members of the Krea Centres are also eligible to apply. This year’s winners and their projects are:

  • Dr Akhila Ramnarayan (SIAS faculty), Ms Astha Arya (Admissions, Staff) & Mr Akshay Jain (Student Life, Staff) for ‘Interwoven Learning in a Wicked World’
  • Dr Sushant Raut (SIAS faculty) for ‘Machine Learning Applications in Particle Physics’
  • Dr Shivani Jadeja (SIAS faculty) for ‘Are High Temperatures Changing a Butterfly’s Life Cycle? Integrating Meta-analyses and Citizen Science’
  • Dr Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay (GSB faculty) & Dr Sona Mitra (Principal Economist, IWWAGE, LEAD) for ‘Does Gender-based Awareness Campaign Improve Girls’ Educational Outcomes? Empirical Evidence from India’
  • Dr Muneer Shaik (GSB faculty) & Dr Lakshmi Padmakumari (GSB faculty) for ‘Modelling and Forecasting VaR Based on Extreme Value Variance and Covariance Estimators’
  • Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh (SIAS faculty) for ‘Performing Histories– Abhyudayamu-s and Yakshaganamu-s – Reading Performative Literatures of Early Modern South India as Historiography’
  • Dr John Mathew (SIAS faculty), Ms Ananya Raju (SIAS student) & Mr Kaustav Mehta (SIAS student) for ‘Positing Migration as a Causative Agent in the Rising Encounter with SARS-CoV-2 (PMCARES) in India’

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