Executive MBA

IFMR GSB, Krea University offers an Executive MBA programme for the executives of L&T Construction. The customised programme, delivered over a period of three years, consists of contact classes for a week every trimester at IFMR GSB’s campus in Sri City, online classes over WebEx™ for rest of the trimester, workshops, and individual dissertations / projects at the executives’ respective workplaces.

Selection for the programme is carried out by IFMR GSB faculty through written tests, followed by personal interviews at L&T Construction’s offices all over India. The first batch of cohorts (2019-2022) consists of 45 executives from different projects and offices of L&T Construction across the country.

The course content has been designed to keep in mind the roles and functions of the executives. In the first part of the programme all participants undergo core courses in all functional areas of management. In the latter half of the programme each participant takes elective courses from one of these specialization areas: (a) Finance, (b) Supply Chain and Operations, and (c) Industrial Relations and Human Resources. In the third year the participants take up individual master’s dissertations / projects on topics related to their work, and they are guided by IFMR GSB faculty. During the third year the participants also attend focused workshops on specific and contemporary issues where they apply their learnings.

The inauguration of the first batch at IFMR GSB’s Sri City campus on April 23, 2019 was graced by Dr. C. Jayakumar, VP & Head – HR (Divisional Corporate), and Mr. R. Venkatesh, Head of Indirect Taxation, Divisional Corporate of L&T Construction. Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Dean of IFMR GSB, delivered the welcome note, and Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor of KREA University, delivered the inaugural address at the event.

Welcoming the batch of cohorts, Dr. Anantha Nageswaran spoke about the changes post-2008 economic downturn, the exciting challenges technology brings in our workplace and business environment, and how the well-crafted MBA programme could benefit the participants.

Dr. Sundar Ramaswamy, in his inaugural address, spoke about how infrastructure, that L&T Construction is known for, contribute to the growth of the economy. He also highlighted the paradigm shift all of us are undergoing in human-machine interactions, human-human interactions, and human-nature interactions, and how IFMR GSB can help participants prepare for the future.

Mr. Venkatesh of L&T Construction, in his address to the participants, stressed upon the importance of management knowledge and principles, and how the MBA programme at IFMR GSB would make the participants conscious about issues like working capital management, project costing etc.

Mr. Jayakumar of L&T Construction spoke about the long and engaging relationship the company has with IFMR GSB. He deliberated on how perspectives broaden, as an employee grows in the organization, and how the focus shifts from internal to external factors. He hoped that progressing from one trimester to the next, the perspectives of the participants would change, which would eventually prepare them to take up larger roles in the organization.