Campusutra: A Fusion of Opportunities for Growth – A Case Study

Prof Chandrasekaran N, Professor, Operations Management at IFMR GSB, Dr Sathya Saminadan R S, Associate Professor of Practice at IFMR GSB, and Dr Indira Ananth, freelance academic have co-authored a case study titled Campusutra: A Fusion of Opportunities for Growth, published by Ivey Publishing.

Campusutra was a leading information and partially transactional portal operating in India that helped aspiring higher education students select appropriate educational institutions. It was founded in 2011 and initially focused on supporting a student’s choice of management education. It added support for engineering schools. It was known for offering distilled and unbiased objective information about offerings, fee structure, peer-level engagement, and placement opportunities, and potential students remained loyal to the portal. Later, a friend advised the founder to make a strategic alliance with an EdTech company to monetize the intangible value it had created. The founder’s dilemma was whether to pursue such an opportunity and risk diluting its mission.

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