For nearly five weeks now, almost on an everyday basis, we, at the Communications Team, have been discussing the notion and nuances of Sustainability, in an attempt to understand, appreciate and above all, incorporate the ethos and essence of this word – and the large world that it encompasses – into the way we lead our lives.

The Krea Communiqué, this edition, coinciding with the month that celebrates the World Environment Day and the Pride Month, is the outcome of our own desire to reiterate the ethos of Sustainability that is crucial to the world of Krea and the imperativeness for all of us - who inhabit the Krea Universe, in one way or the other - to recognise and make it a part of our every day, in ways that are small, big, and impactful to our individual being and to the collective consciousness.

Our edition is curated to celebrate multiple points of view, perspectives and possibilities in the world of Sustainability, people’s own relationships with it, and how, you, I, and we, together, can make this world a better place, one day at a time!

Sustainability stems from a spirit of curiosity; it emerges from a space of passion, empathy and trust for the planet and its people and is an eternal relationship that needs to be nurtured with learning, knowledge and the variables that constantly affect the course of the earth that we use, and many a time, abuse. Sustainability, therefore, is unarguably a work-in-progress.

Our edition is curated to celebrate multiple points of view, perspectives and possibilities in the world of Sustainability, people’s own relationships with it, and how, you, I, and we, together, can make this world a better place, one day at a time!

This edition is also an ode to that spirit of collaboration and I’m using this opportunity to raise a toast to my team - Lekshmi Gopinathan Nair, Anita Mankottil and Lidija Stankovikj - who searched and sought for stories of Sustainability within the Krea planet and found beautiful ways to articulate it.

We honestly hope that our Ode to Sustainability brings you joy!

Akhila Krishnamurthy
Director - Communications

In Focus with
Jessica Seddon

In an exclusive conversation, Jessica Seddon, Member of the Academic Advisory Board at Krea, a Senior Fellow at World Resource Institute and a Senior Fellow at Yale University, shares her interpretation of Sustainability and how it is driven by human dynamics intertwined with social and political landscapes and economic strategies. Read More


Interpretations of Sustainability from the Krea Universe

So, what does Sustainability mean to you? A question that has more to it than meets the eye. A question that in every sense of the word, holds the entire planet within. Take Ten was initiated as a project to understand the diverse interpretations of Sustainability by various individuals within the Krea ecosystem.
Read More

Research in action

Walk the Talk

The Krea University campus is centred around the ethos of holistic Sustainability. Krea’s green campus continues to promote the principles of efficient and accountable use of scarce resources and supports the well-being of all members of the Krea community.

Students of Krea champion some of the key Sustainability-focused initiatives on campus. Three students – Pratibha Khullar, Avinash Panakkal and Sai Balaji Suresh – graciously agreed to take us on an informative and enjoyable Sustainability Walk, showcasing the landscape, infrastructure and conservation practices that are part of this thriving campus that embodies the principles of Sustainability. Read More


Future Foward

The Communications Team reached out to Anita Arjundas, Member, Board of Management, Krea University, with a request to share her journey in the Sustainability space and her perspective on how the rapidly evolving world today unravels challenges and opportunities for young aspirants in building a career in Sustainability outside of research institutions, policy think tanks and grassroots organisations. Read More


In the Krea Universe

We reached out to the faculty members, Research Centres and students within Krea to share relevant work and insights on their work around Sustainability. In response, we have been bowled over as we collated the literature, all of them speaking to the urgent and critical challenges of an interconnected society and many of which could pave the way for a bigger, brighter and healthier global future.

Herein presenting research studies, projects and articles packed with insights which look at the world through the Sustainability lens. Read More


The Sustainability Pledge

The choices we make in our everyday lives have a significant environ-mental, social and economic impact. Yet, we have agency over our behaviour, a capacity to be conscious environmental stewards and socially responsible citizens. The shift to a Sustainable lifestyle does not necessarily demand difficult tradeoffs or uncomfortable adjustments. A good way to start would be to make a few simple changes in our daily actions – from reducing our environmental footprint to supporting local communities.

We invite you to take the Krea Sustainability Pledge and incorporate as many as possible of the following 25 Sustainability principles into your daily routine. Read More

Making a Difference
Through Sustainable Train Travel

Announcement and Dissemination of the Krea Train Travel Flyer

Transport is one of the largest global contributors to air pollution and emissions. These have a detrimental impact on human health, climate, and ecosystem integrity, constraining our collective Sustainability efforts.

A simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of minimising our negative environmental footprint is to consider the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as shared vehicles and public transport (trains and buses). To inspire all members of our Krea Community, gravitate toward Sustainable travel options, and facilitate the transition, we have created a pamphlet, 'Train Travel: Green. Sustainable. Efficient.’ Take a look at the practical information contained in it - in particular, the public transport alternatives, timetables and costs associated with each, to make informed and responsible travel decisions Read More

Jargon & Jumble

Throughout the weeks we spent on the curation of this exclusive edition, we have been aware and conscious of the language we use to communicate a subject so urgent and critical. In an attempt to simplify these terms, we are embarking on a journey of jargon busters and here are the first five. After all, it does help to understand the lingo!

Click to Know more.


This April and May, the world of Krea was buzzing with chapters in brand-new beginnings, jubilation, discoveries, achievements and celebrations.

Fun, Facts, Faculty was an attempt to unravel the diverse facets of the faculty at Krea, while The Krea Candids is an ode to that special space in our university life - the campus. These months also witnessed the final year students of the inaugural cohort of SIAS move on to promising placements in reputed organisations as well as higher education journeys in top universities across the world.

All this and so much more, here is a round-up of what was #trendingatkrea.

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