‘All Things Under the Sun’ – Week 3, Feb 2023

For years now, we have all been saying there’s so much to read and so little time, right? But every year, we hope to return to what we love doing the best – to read. So, as part of All Things Under the Sun that we recently kicked off, we present to you a compilation of this week’s best news/features thoughtfully sourced from across publications from across the country and the world, to make your weekend worth it! We hope to cover ground and raise a toast to best reads that are often also about the best writing! Stay tuned and watch this space!

As future leaders of tomorrow, this article could be insightful for students, shape their perspective and contribute to building a progressive workplace-Read More

This piece unpacks technology’s growing influence on our lives to answer the pressing question — what lies ahead specifically when it comes to our memory?-Read More

India opener Smriti Mandhana made history this week by becoming the most expensive player in women’s cricket. Here’s a profile of the poster girl of the India team. -Read More

Mike Nelson has built a cannabis farm, invented a biker gang, and created an immersive warren of 15 sinister rooms. As he opens a landmark retrospective, the installation artist invites us into his curiosity-crammed studio.-Read More

Mukund Padmanabhan reviews Salman Rushdie’s new book ‘Victory City’.-Read More

In India, AI can potentially fill gaps in mental health services, but how practical is it?-Read More

This human-interest story captures how a doctor and a priest gave life to an Adivasi script-Read More

TM Krishna’s opinion piece-Read More

From her decades studying chimpanzees in the Gombe forest to her more recent years attending to human poverty and misunderstanding, Jane Goodall reflects on the moral and spiritual convictions that have driven her, and what she is teaching and still learning about what it means to be human.-Read More

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