The Future of BFSI

“In future, there may not be linear lines of growth, jobs and growth will be more lateral than vertical.” With an emphasis on flexibility and multi-disciplinary approach and not siloed and super specialty outlooks, Ashish Gupta, Managing Director and Head of Equity Research at Credit Suisse spoke to the students at Krea with insights on the future of BFSI sector. Tracing his days in early education, the goal to be in a medical school, shift to business management and the eventual move to Equity Research, Ashish also discussed his well recognised book ‘House of Debt’ credited with signalling the warning signs of NPAs in India. 

Speaking of critical challenges in the industry, he pointed out the uncertainties in consumer and SME lending, overhaul of regulatory regime, focus on technology and more prominence to be given to ethics and governance. With regards to recruitment, he focused on the qualities of being the right fit in personality within a team and an urge to take initiatives as two important deal breakers, among candidates. He also added that in the industry, there are no predefined roles and it’s what individuals carve out themselves with their own initiative.