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Create a new generation of thinking Indians who will contribute to the development of the globe - Raghuram Rajan

School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences

B.A. Honours/B.Sc. Honours

At Krea University, we offer a distinctive undergraduate curriculum in the humanities, social sciences, literature, arts, and sciences, taught by distinguished faculty from some of the world’s finest academic institutions. Our academic programme emphasizes our guiding principles of lnterwoven learning, a multi-directional approach to knowledge that encourages creativity, critical thinking, communication, contemplation, cross-disciplinary approaches, real-world implementation, and the ability to negotiate unanswered questions.

Our B.A. Honours/B.Sc. Honours degree programmes consist of core and skills courses which are compulsory for all undergraduate students, required courses in the major and/or chosen minor, chosen electives, immersive and experiential learning, a required capstone thesis, and a variety of co-curricular programmes. The curriculum affords both breadth and depth, helping students navigate information and synthesize knowledge as they grapple with real-world problems. From the beginning, the curriculum will open up a range of career pathways for students in every major — in academia, industry, the nonprofit sector, and beyond.

Dean's message

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I invite you to be part of this new journey at the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) at Krea University. As the Dean of SIAS, I am especially privileged to walk with you, our very first batch of students. We hope to take you towards a fresh and innovative experience of learning.

You have the opportunity to shape the creation of a new space and a new way of thinking about learning, here at Krea. Share your ideas; learn from the diverse perspectives that your fellow students and faculty will bring to you each day. Campus life will evolve as we grow deeper roots into the community that will sustain our everyday life. There will be many opportunities to explore your talents outside of academics to enrich yourself and your peers.

We also want to ensure that all this is done in an environment of respect and care. Stand up for what you believe in and respect the opinions of others. Help to protect the environment that we will all create through your journey here.

As your Dean, I am committed to supporting you do all of this and much more to enrich your experience of being a student at Krea.

Be more!

Bishnu Mohapatra

Dean, SIAS

Krea University joins the College Board India Global Higher Education Alliance.

High potential students, keen to make a difference

Rigorous, merit driven, multi-dimensional admissions process

Unique interwoven learning process

Enabling deep expertise in chosen concentrations with broad based awareness; co-curriculars to develop wellness and aesthetic sensitivity; capstone thesis

Immersive experiential learning

Immersive, hands-on projects and internships to experience the real world; guidance and mentoring by faculty and practicing professionals

Readying leaders for a world of opportunities

Leaders with a sense of purpose, societal consciousness and ethics; ready for higher education, corporates, not-for-profit, Government, entrepreneurship