Preparing Future

Programme Overview

Future Pathways/Programme Benefits

This Programme opens pathways to the following career tracks.

Selection Process

Admission Deadline

Event Round Three Round Four
Application deadline Sunday, 30 April Monday, 29 May
Invite for Assessment Monday, 8 May Wednesday, 31 May
Assessment Monday, 15 May Monday, 5 June
Invites for Interview Wednesday, 17 May Wednesday, 7 June
Offer by Friday, 26 May Friday, 16 June
Last Date for Acceptance by Applicant Friday, 9 June Friday, 30 June



Fee Structure and Schedule

Component of Academic Fees Indian Rupees Amount due on
Admission Acceptance Fee                25,000 Friday – two (2) weeks from the Admission Offer Date
Part 1 of first Instalment fees                75,000 Friday – three (3) weeks from the Admission Offer Date
Part 2 of first Instalment fees             1,25,000 Friday – four (4) weeks from the Admission Offer Date
Caution Deposit^^                35,000 14-Jul-23
BBA program commences on   17-Jul-23
Second Instalment fees             1,60,000 01-Sep-23
Third Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Dec-23
Fourth Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Jun-24
Fifth Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Sep-24
Sixth Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Dec-24
Seventh Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Jun-25
Eighth Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Sep-25
Ninth Instalment Fees             1,60,000 01-Dec-25

^^ The Caution Deposit of INR 35,000/– will be refunded at the time of graduation from IFMR GSB, Krea University or withdrawal of admission subject to recoveries, if any, pending from the student.

Living expenses* – INR 1,80,000 per annum (subject to revision every year)

*Please note that living expenses include launderette costs up to Rs.500 per month.

Living expenses for each academic year are payable on the following dates

AY 2023 – 24 on/before 14 July 2023

AY 2024 – 25 on/before 14 Jun 2024

AY 2025 – 26 on/before 14 May 2024

Refund Policy

No Percentage of refund of aggregate fees Date when notice of withdrawal of admission is served to Krea Krea will refund if the withdrawal request is received on or before
1 100% 15 days or more before the formally-notified last date of admission 1 July 2023
2 90% Within 15 days before the formally – notified last date of admission 15 July 2023
3 80% Within 15 days after the formally – notified last date of admission 29 July 2023
4 50% Between 16 days and 30 days after the formally -notified last date of admission 14 Aug 2023
5 0 More than 30 days after the formally notified last date of admission No refunds for requests received on or later than14 Aug 2023


  1. An amount of 5% of the fees paid by the student subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/- as processing charges from the refundable amount will be deducted towards processing charges before making the refund wherever applicable.
  2. Fees shall be refunded to an eligible student within fifteen days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her in this regard. Requests for refund should be made to the Fee Centre [email protected] with the Office of Admissions [email protected]in copy.