MBA in the Time of COVID-19: Risks & Rewards

The COVID-19 outbreak has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on enterprises, communities, families, and individuals, resulting in economic slowdown. Amidst the chaos of the pandemic and lack of clarity on the employment future, students and aspirants are left wondering if pursuing an MBA programme right now is the right decision. 

The answer is – Yes. It is perhaps one of the best times to shape your career prospects with an MBA programme that suits your interests and prepares you for a dynamic future. But it also comes with certain risks. Here’s a quick look at all the risks and rewards associated with pursuing an MBA degree in today’s world. 

Risks & Rewards of pursuing an MBA programme in present times

In today’s world, with millions losing their jobs, many are now looking to MBA programmes to upskill and arm themselves with the right tools to hold managerial positions when the storm passes. However, this also leaves room for massive competition among applicants, especially from those who belong to industries that were hit hard by the pandemic, such as the FMCG industry, manufacturing, travel sector, etc. 

However, it is believed that risks can be leveraged as opportunities. With the pandemic, B-schools are now accepting applications early for the first round, extending deadlines for the other rounds and allowing candidates more time to reflect on their application, explain coherently what they bring to the table and what they expect to draw out of an MBA programme.

According to US News, some experts from the education sector suggest that because an MBA programme is designed to increase one’s earning power and accelerate their career progression, pursuing an MBA degree now would come with fewer risks as the student can transition from virtual learning to an on-campus learning environment in 2 years and be industry-ready at the end, raring to make a mark in the world. With this transition accompanied by an economy that improves the job market, the rewards outweigh the risks. While the expensive tuition fee might make an applicant apprehensive, it can only be looked at as a short-term investment that benefits the individual in the long run. 

To reap the rewards of a premium education today, one needs to keep long term goals and stay disciplined amidst various ups and downs. An MBA degree from an institution created by stalwarts in the industry is a long-term investment in itself. Difficult times aren’t meant to last forever, therefore, the time is right to work towards an MBA programme, build your skills, network and prepare for a new future. 
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