The IFMR GSB Advantage

With a 50-year history, IFMR GSB has evolved from a research-based institution to a full-fledged business school enabled by interwoven learning. The legacy of IFMR with the agility of Krea University, prepares students to face challenges in the real world, and develop skills to effectively manage them

MBA Programme Chairperson's Message

Welcome to IFMR GSB’s MBA Programme!


Our MBA programme is designed to provide knowhow on managing markets and hierarchies, with an emphasis on decision making.  We complement this by training our students to build, nurture and harness networks.

We believe the ability to work in diverse teams is a key requirement in the workplace. Therefore, we pursue diversity in our mix of faculty and in our mix of students. 

We believe that the best managers are not functional specialists but all-rounders with strong fundamentals across the disciplines of management. Our coursework and extra-curricular activities are designed to challenge and nurture our students’ ability to apply their learning in simulated and real conditions which do not fit into functional boundaries.   

While your teachers remain available to you even after you complete the course, we strongly recommend that you invest in building relationships with your classmates, seniors, juniors, and other alumni towards building your professional network. For this, we provide multiple forums and opportunities.


Suresh Venkatraman
Chairperson – MBA Progamme

At IFMR GSB, we place a premium on quality education. Our students are provided a vibrant intellectual foundation of theory, knowledge, skills and perspectives that is further enriched by our unique interwoven approach.

Our class profile comprises of a diverse set of students from different parts of the country. They are a balanced group of ambitious young individuals with varied education backgrounds and work experience.

Faculty Members at IFMR GSB represent a healthy mix of academic expertise, research focus and industry knowledge. They are some of the finest scholars with decades of experiential knowledge representing a wide array of disciplines within management education.

The application for academic year 2020 -21  has closed. We expect to open the online application in early October 2020 for next academic year 2021-2022.

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The admissions process is divided into two rounds:

While entrance exam scores are an important component of the admission process, Admission to the programme will be based on combined scores of qualifying parameters and interview parameters which include work experience and extra-curricular activities.

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