How to grow on LinkedIn with Deepak Pandey

How to grow on LinkedIn with Deepak Pandey

Markaholic, IFMR GSB’s student-led marketing committee along with the Graduate School of Business’ notable alumni, hosted their second session as part of their marketing workshop series Prayatna. Packed with rich insights, the webinar, titled ‘Campus to Corporate – How to grow on LinkedIn’, featured Deepak Pandey – Area Sales Manager at Siemens and an alumnus of IFMR GSB, imparting his knowledge on the importance of networking and what it takes to build a strong LinkedIn profile. With around 60 students in attendance, the session also featured IndianMaze Advisory founder and CEO Dinesh Jain participating, interacting and engaging with the students.

Rethinking & reimagining the future of work in management consulting

Rethinking & reimagining the future of work in management consulting

Vikram Janakiraman, who has been a part of Boston Consulting Group for nearly 10 years, shared powerful insights from his vast journey as a senior practitioner in the management consulting field. From explaining in detail about how management consulting businesses keep up with the times to addressing all the strategic challenges faced by businesses of today, Vikram Janakiraman – Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group (India) – engaged the students at Krea in a hearty interaction. Given his experience working with automotive and mobility clients in India, he narrated his experience on how one can not only address a problem but also re-think solutions and re-imagine the manner in which they deliver them, while also sharing what the future holds.

An engaging session on ‘Open Banking’

An engaging session on ‘Open Banking’

In a highly engaging session, Aumkar Gholap – Head of Technology Solutions for Credit Risk, Treasury (ALM), Liquidity Management and Regulatory Reporting India – interacted with the students at IFMR GSB, Krea University, shedding light on various aspects of ‘Open Banking’. Drawing from his rich experience in the financial sector, he explained how the integration of banking processes and technology have helped secure data. He also his shared insights on the use of open APIs that enable third-party developers to build applications around financial institutions and what it takes to create a long-term sustainable model for the service industry.

Business impact of AI & IoT

Business impact of AI & IoT

As part of the industry engagement series,  we hosted Shalini Kapoor, Chief Technology Officer at IBM AI Applications and the first Indian woman Fellow at IBM India. Through a well laid out presentation, she talked about the adoption of AI. She articulated through real-life examples that AI is for all and not just for data scientists.  

An engaging session on ‘Airport Operations’

Airport Operations

In a highly engaging session, Satyaki Raghunath – Chief Strategy & Development Officer and T C Sajit – Strategy Group Member and Chief Human Resources Officer of Bangalore International Airport Limited interacted with the students at IFMR GSB, shedding light on various aspects that shape robust airport operations. They shared insights on the role of public-private partnerships in building India’s infrastructure. Emphasizing on the complex gamut of stakeholders come together to provide a unique passenger experience, they termed an airport ‘a city within a city’.

An interwoven evening with Amandeep Sandhu

Amandeep Sandhu

In an interaction with the students and faculty at SIAS, author Amandeep Sandhu spoke about his book ‘Panjab-Journeys Through Faultlines’ (2019).  ‘Panjab’, a well informed and carefully researched book on the history, geography, society, and economics of the land of the five rivers, is a deeply moving narrative of a journey the author undertook to discover and reconnect with his roots. In this process of learning, he re-introduces us to a land that we have all but forgotten. 
Historically and culturally, known as the land of the ten Gurus and for the majestic Golden Temple,  Panjab is also recognized for the physical barrier that it provides to safeguard the rest of the country; a land of brave soldiers, a place full of old-world charm. Among other things, it is famous for its spirit of sharing, haunting music, free-spirited dance style, culinary delights, and last but not the least, as the breadbasket of India.  

Today, Panjab is also a land steeped in political movements, struggling for religious and caste identities, facing a gender imbalance and an imminent economic, social, and environmental downfall. 

‘Panjab’, the book, documents these changes.  Amandeep’s book acquaints the readers with the current Panjab, reeling under the after-effects of the three big changes that occurred in the previous century: the Partition of India and Pakistan, the Green Revolution, and the Khalistan non-movement. The book has seen critical, commercial, and emotional success at home and at places with large populations of Indian and Panjabi diaspora.  

Amandeep’s talk focused on ‘land’ and its value in an agrarian society like ours. He interwove personal, historical, and societal recollections.

Beyond the Classroom- the skills to become a potential employee

Laks Krishnamoorthy

In an insightful interaction with the students of IFMR GSB, Lakshmanan (Laks) Krishnamoorthy- VP Engineering & General Manager, Navis shared his perspectives on transformational leadership. Allaying concerns surrounding the leap from classroom to employment, Mr Krishnamoorthy stressed on SIMPLE, expanded to Social Skills, Interpersonal Relationship, Money Matters, Personal Branding, Learning, and Endurance. Imparting lessons from his own journey, he encouraged students to “Learn to do the work without expecting anything in return”, relevant to both the professional and personal aspects of life.

Emergence of Sports Industry and its Future

Deep Mukherjee

“The emergence of the sports industry presents an opportunity from a career standpoint, as an economic contributor and as a contributor to nation building.” With that, Deep Mukherjee,  CEO, CII- National Committee on Sports, shared insights from the evolving realm of sports with the students at Krea. Speaking of opportunities across talent management, programming, data analysis and tech in sports, Deep touched upon the explosive growth of sports as an industry, its potential to create millions of jobs in the near future, inculcating sports into curriculum as a wholesome subject and not a supplement and how it helped in the holistic development of a student. Speaking of the campaign ‘Making India Play’ he encouraged the need to build a sporting culture in India.

Visual merchandising- a key marketing tool in retail


With deep insights into the world of visual merchandising, Radhika Subramanian, Head – Marketing, Retail Operations, and Customer Service at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta (A Godrej Venture) interacted with the students at IFMR GSB. “The purpose of visual merchandising is to attract, engage and motivate customers towards making the purchase”, with that Radhika shed light on the storytelling nature, principles and process of this key marketing tool in retail. Elaborating on the principles involved, Radhika introduced the concepts of vertical and horizontal display, focal point or pyramiding, balance or symmetry, consistency and repetition, storytelling or cross merchandising, and graphics to the students.