Akshay Jain

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Growing up in the narrow bylanes of Old Delhi, Akshay got an opportunity to study abroad at an
impressionable age of fourteen. He received a scholarship to pursue his pre-university as well
as undergraduate education in Singapore. While he majored in Economics at the National
University of Singapore (NUS), he also explored myriad other disciplines and travelled to more
than ten countries.
Following his passion for education, he came back to India to work with the Andhra Pradesh
(AP) government on the groundbreaking AP Private Universities Act, 2016. Recently, he
received a Master’s in International Education Policy from Stanford’s Graduate School of
Education. Now he is back in India and has been working with Krea University since its inception
in 2018.
He headed the admissions team to build the first SIAS student cohort at Krea. Subsequently, he
headed the Office of Student Life and has now transitioned to the role of Senior Associate
Director at the Office of Career Services. When not at his desk, Akshay enjoys reading, travelling
and thought-provoking conversations.