Undergraduate Admissions 2024 at SIAS,
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Admissions to the BA (Honours) and BSc (Honours) Programme at the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) are now open

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Students Speak

Avanti Nayal

"Krea has empowered me to embrace independent living, build meaningful friendships, and explore interdisciplinary learning. Krea University's professors who are knowledgeable and accessible have enriched my education, and I anticipate taking diverse courses like pottery and filmmaking in the future. Krea's unique blend of perspectives and academic choices is what really sets it apart for me."

- Cohort of 2025
Major - Economics

Pranav Jain

"Krea University ignited my transformation during this crucial phase of my University life. It fostered exploration, allowing me to discover my passion for photography and evolve into an authentic version of myself."

- Cohort of 2024
Major - Chemistry

Harshi Shah

"In my first year at Krea University, I'm thankful for the abundant extracurricular opportunities. Being a part of the TEDx Outreach Team revealed the University's extensive network and reputation. Krea, a leading Liberal Arts institution in India, offers unique courses, co-curricular activities, and a platform for talent. My time here has made me more appreciative of diverse cultures; I'm more adaptable to change, and accepting of differences now than before."

- Cohort of 2025
Major - Psychology,
Minor - Politics

Shreya Sridhar

"Krea University has shattered my social and academic boundaries, exposing me to the diverse experiences I've always longed for. As someone passionate about academia and teaching, this environment has deepened my love for knowledge. I've had the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of disciplines beyond my major, such as Biology, Literature, Computer Science, History, Politics, Physics, Chemistry, and Math. This has helped me embrace my identity as a 'jack of all trades, and master of none,' realising that it's better to be versatile than be a specialist."

- Postgraduate Diploma student

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