Introducing the 4 year UG Programme from 2023 Intake onwards

From the 2023 intake onwards, students can earn a BA (Honours) or BSc (Honours) degree as part of Krea University’s 4 year Undergraduate Programme. Students have the option to exit at the end of three years and can earn for themselves a BA or Bsc degree.

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Students Speak

Chaarmikha Nagalla

"Krea is a platform to grow if you use the opportunities that will come your way, wisely. There's plenty to learn from the conversations I have with peers and professors, every day. My exposure to disciplines like Design Thinking, Philosophy, and Ethics have also transformed my understanding of the world as an individual."

- Cohort of 2023

Ishita Bagri

"Krea is a melting pot of diversity in thoughts, opinions, gender, identity, background, and more. Life on campus offered me exposure that helped cultivate a sense of empathy and sensitivity toward others in the world. Step in with an open mind and Krea will surprise you in many ways. This is where you get to come out of your bubble and the world becomes a canvas of endless possibilities.”

- Cohort of 2023

Manvi Teki

“The whole research mindset, writing-intensive three years, and the skills I picked up through courses like Design Thinking have really helped me pursue my future pathway. These have all moulded me to adjust and adapt better, made me comfortable with the concept of uncertainty, which I do not fear anymore.”

- Cohort of 2022

Sai Balaji Suresh

“At Krea, I have been able to gain the needed academic prudence that has helped me navigate summer programmes across top global universities. Stanford, for instance, has a rigorous pedagogy and it can be tough but Krea has similar assessment schedules and patterns and also provides us space to indulge in clubs and committees and events; all these, put together have helped me hone critical skills that will help me cope in any of the top universities abroad if I am to choose them for the future.”

- Cohort of 2023

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