PhD Programme at Krea University

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Research in Sciences and Humanities
Krea University offers two categories of PhD programmes


The Full-Time PhD entails coursework, teaching, and dissertation. It requires scholars to reside on campus for the duration of the programme.


The Executive Programme or the Faculty Improvement Programme (FIP) is designed for professionals looking to further their research interests while also enhancing career prospects. Scholars opting for this category are required to stay on campus for the first term of the programme and visit campus as and when required, based on suggestions from the advisor and the Doctoral Committee (DC).

Why Krea?

Krea has focused on building an institution with exceptional research calibre since its inception. The PhD programme is, designed to be a holistic research experience that places equal importance on learning within and outside the classroom. PhD scholars at Krea will have access to cutting-edge research infrastructure and the requisite training to utilise the resources. Scholars will be supported in academic endeavours such as attending and hosting conferences, workshops, and thematic meetings. Furthermore, the programme creates avenues for collaborative, multidisciplinary research through guest lectures, cross-faculty consultation, and open problem seminars. 

From the Dean of Research

The PhD experience is envisioned to align with Krea University’s mission to help humanity prepare for an unpredictable world. It is an experiential programme that encourages scholars to constantly engage with the world around them. 

Krea is a budding research institute that has already made strides in the short period of its existence and we see the doctoral programme as a natural progression in this journey. Counting on the strengths of our acclaimed faculty and upcoming high-end research facilities, we are confident that our PhD scholars will make significant contributions to further the horizons of knowledge in various disciplines.  

We take this opportunity to invite PhD aspirants to apply for the Doctoral Programme at Krea University for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

Prof Sivakumar Srinivasan
Dean of Research, Krea University

Programme Overview

The PhD programme at Krea is designed to strengthen the creativity and scholarship of research scholars who are expected to engage in deep and impactful research. The programme takes a holistic approach, strengthening foundational knowledge through coursework and encouraging critical thinking to produce  original scholarship during the course of the doctoral programme. Krea University’s campus offers state-of-the-art facilities including a fully equipped library, laboratories, and research centres thereby ensuring the graduate experience produces scholars who contribute to humanity through academia, research, and industry. 

Research Areas


Computational Chemistry






Sociology & Anthropology

Admissions Checklist

Selection Process
How to Apply?
Fee Structure
Fellowship for Full-time Scholars
Application Timeline

Know Your Mentors

Explore the research and mentorship offered by Krea faculty.

Course Structure

Year I

  • Coursework
  • Assigning advisor(s)
  • Formation of the Doctoral Committee (DC)

Year II

  • Formulation of research problem
  • Inputs and approval from the Discipline-specific-advisory group (DAG)
  • Basic training on relevant techniques/methodologies
  • Detailed presentation to the Doctoral Committee for approval

Year II, III & IV

  • Research/Field Work
  • Presentations in conferences
  • Publishing in Journals
  • The Doctoral Committee will conduct a progress review for every candidate at the end of each academic year.
  • For candidacy, scholars must complete the required coursework and get necessary approvals on their research proposal within the time period stipulated by the Doctoral Committee.
  • All full-time PhD scholars are required to work as Teaching Assistants for 2 courses every academic year, from the 2nd year onwards.

The Campus Experience

The Krea University campus is located in Sri City (Andhra Pradesh), 70 kilometres north of Chennai. A 40 acre campus surrounded by lush greenery, the space is designed to be conducive to the mental and physical well-being of its residents. Scholars will have access to multiple facilities such as a medical centre, indoor and outdoor sports facilities,  a fitness centre, a dance studio, a convenience store, and a salon. The campus is also equipped with technology enabled classrooms, laboratories, and a library that aim to enhance the research and learning experience. These amenities are well complemented by the vibrant, multicultural, and intellectually stimulating community at Krea, making the programme an academically, professionally, and personally enriching experience. 

Research Centres at Krea

Krea houses diverse Research Centres and provides strategic oversight to few others, across the spectrum of disciplines. As a part of the Krea community, PhD scholars are encouraged to observe, contribute, and collaborate with these centres. 


In case of any queries, write to [email protected] with 'Query' in the subject line