CV Book: Say hello to our Kreators!

Get to know our graduates from their promising profiles where we will walk you through their academic journey, internship and externship experiences, research projects, and other notable accomplishments.

Our latest batch of graduates from the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) at Krea University, possess cross-cutting skills, ability to think critically, open-mindedness and an inherent spirit of curiosity, all qulaities that the world in the now seeks. We are proud to share their bios with potential employers from across an array of sectors. 

Real-World Immersions for Krea Undergraduate Student

The Career Services Office (CSO) endeavours to set up real-world internship and immersion opportunities for undergraduate students. It is Krea University’s strong belief that students learn more by immersing themselves in a ‘real world’ learning environment, which will be achieved by creating more ‘porous boundaries’ between the real world and the class room.

Porous Boundaries at Krea

Krea undergraduate programme offers a world of opportunities to every student. From internships, externships, work-study opportunities or research assistance — the Career Services Office at Krea works with every student to identify opportunities most suited to their academic major and interest.