History at Krea

History traces how human beings have produced liveable spaces and competing perceptions of time. This preoccupation with space and time is a feature history shares with other disciplines such as physics, geology, evolutionary biology and environmental sciences.

The Approach

The history major will include core and elective courses. 

Core courses will focus on the nature of historical reasoning; the study of the South Asian past; the emergence of human cultures and civilisations in the ancient past; and the making of the modern world. 

Elective courses will explore both broad-based and specific themes in conventional areas such as social, economic, military, and political history as well as emerging fields such as climate and public history.

Study materials will comprise primary sources, including written, aural, visual and spatial, as well as secondary scholarship. Each theme will be introduced through historiographical debates, critically evaluating how questions have been asked thus far and which themes and questions have been ignored. Writing and research skills will receive particular attention in the major.

Programme Details

Required Courses

Possible electives

  • Historical Reasoning
  • The Practice of History (WI)
  • Civilising India
  •  Sources of the Self: India in the Second Millennium
  •  From Mughaliyah Saltanat to Sovereign Republic: India in Transition
  •  Ancient Civilisations
  •  How We Became Modern: World History from 1500 to the Present
  • India and the World
  • Contemporary India
  •  History and Literature (CL)
  • Archaeology, Art and Architecture: Making Spaces and Creating Spaces in India
  • History of Religions*
  • World Religions
  • Religiosity, Spirituality and Ethics in Indian Religions
  • Bhakti in Indian Civilisation
  • Urban History
  • The City in History
  • Madras/Chennai
  •  Delhi
  •  Economic History*
  •  History of Capitalism
  • The Market in History
  • Movements and Migrations*
  • Histories of Highways, Railways and Aviation
  • Maritime History
  •  Nomads
  •  Conflagrations and Engagement*
  • The History of War
  • Revolutions
  • Anti-colonial Struggles
  • History of Entertainment and Popular Culture*
  •  Sports
  •  Cinema
  •  Performance
  •  Oral and Folk Tradition
  •  History of the Book
  • History of Science, Technology and Medicine*
  • The Rise of Modern Science in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  • The Rise of Modern Science in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • The History of Darwinian Evolution
  • The Past, the Present and the Future of Digital Technologies
  • Public History
  • Digital History
  • Environmental History (CL)

* Themes listed under these broad categories are independent courses, which will be offered based on faculty availability and curricular need.

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The Krea history graduate will understand the nature of historical truth; learn the basics of how historical knowledge is produced and revised; gain a broad, empirical understanding of South Asian and world history; realise the role played by history in contemporary society and fashioning human futures; and acquire the critical thinking skills necessary for a future in academia as well as a variety of professional contexts such as journalism, civil services, museum studies, and careers in the digital world.

Job RolesOrganizations
  • Writer/ editor
  • International relations manager
  • Library manager
  • Archivist
  • Teacher
  • Diplomatic mission
  • Publishing house
  • Education institutions
  • Media agency
  • Market research agency
  • Development organisations