"Krea has offered me the opportunity to explore all my interests in the same place, and has changed the way I approach problems and come up with impactful solutions".

Aishwarya Sivaramakrishnan

Cohort of 2022
Passionate about creating measurable social impact in the field of education, and dreams of moving to Germany and owning a library

Literature and Arts at Krea

In keeping with Krea University’s mission of fostering interwoven learning the University gives students an option of pursuing joint degrees. The Division of Literature and the Arts offers students the option of pursuing an interdisciplinary joint major that capitalises on faculty specialisations. The Joint Major in Literature and the Arts provides a coherent and well-supported program of study that reaches across disciplinary lines. In a dismantling of disciplinary thinking in which literature and the arts are studied in silos, we claim the vital interconnectedness of the two through the joint major.

The Approach

We understand the arts and literature broadly within the program as creative human expression or expressive culture. The Joint major will bring together an emphasis on literary theory, history, and textual analysis of the Literature curriculum with a knowledge of artistic traditions, histories of media and practice that define the Arts curriculum. Within this broad framework students will be encouraged to work out a program of courses in consultation with advisors in both streams. The Joint Major will train students in skills of research along with emphasizing both practicum and immersive components.

Programme Details