"Studying Literature at Krea taught me how to read and appreciate texts in startlingly new ways. The courses encouraged me to take a nuanced and interdisciplinary approach to the vast variety of texts that I encountered in this Major".

Arya Lovekar

SIAS Cohort of 2022

Literature at Krea

Central to Krea’s vision is a student who learns to read deeply, sensitive to contexts and histories that are both immediate and local and further removed in time and place. The Krea Literature major will read texts in Englishes past and present, explore contemporary literatures in global Englishes, and think through the aesthetics and politics of literatures in translation, asking what these literatures bring to readers of English and other languages. The Literature major will also engage with the role of technology in the rapid evolution of literary forms, including new technologies and media in the digital arts and humanities, a fast-growing area of interwoven learning spanning creative and critical thinking.

The Approach

Krea’s Literature Major has been designed with principles of decolonisation as praxis and not just as theory. The programme explores the global interconnectedness of literary methods, genres, movements, technologies, and theories, while creating opportunities to question Englishes, move beyond literatures in English, explore texts in translation, and fundamentally rethink what literature is. Our program has incorporated both creative writing and translation studies as important components of the required course basket which allows us to create links between literary analysis and practice, rather than maintain the silos between the two.

Required courses introduce students to the breadth and scope on particular topics with a taste for depth and detail in one or more chosen topics. They also encourage asking big questions about method, process and the formation of the syllabi. Furthermore, each course is designed to meet Krea’s curricular guiding principles of ethics, historicity, research-based and writing-intensive courses. We are constantly evolving courses that respond to contemporary questions around technology, ethics, and new forms of media. Krea Lit encourages a pedagogy of active learning, students can expect to work independently on topics as assigned by the instructor. Immersive experiences in the literature program will include meeting writers, entrepreneurs, administrators; engaging with publishers, editors, journalists and bookmakers at work; and opportunities to train and work as peer tutors and research assistants.

Programme Details