The full-time PhD at Krea is designed to be a 4 year experience, extendible by one more year with fellowship. However, a candidate can take up to 8 years to complete their PhD.

The fellowship is offered until the 4th year of the PhD, and can be extended to the 5th year provided the necessary approvals are obtained. 

PhD scholars will receive support as admissible under the university rules to attend relevant academic conferences, training, and workshops.

All full-time candidates will be required to work as Teaching Assistants for two courses every academic year, from the 2nd year onwards. Apart from this, scholars are expected to contribute to various academic activities on campus as suggested by their adviser or the DC. 

Please refer to Instructions in the Admission Form for a list of documents that have to be submitted along with the form. 

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*This space will be updated with relevant FAQs throughout the admission cycle.