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Finance is Scary! Finance is Boring! Finance is Burdensome! We at Arthasabha, the Finance Committee of IFMR, consider these misconceptions of students as a challenge. A challenge that we love to prove them wrong. Finance is Fun! Don’t believe us? We are sure you will realise it for yourself through our events. From Stock trading to Equity Research, From Corporate Finance to Investment Banking, from your Books to the World Outside, we acquaint you to a new side of finance which can never be intimidating. Finance is not just the Forte of IFMR, it is also the Forte of many successful organizations with good business acumen. We provide you with opportunities from time to time to invest your knowledge and reap the returns of learning finance. My dear friend, finance is not about crunching numbers or making money, its about getting better before the other. Come join us to know this further.

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Deepanjan Das

Harini G

Jahnavi Sharma

Sibi Vishvak S

Yashi Jain

Adarsh Raghuwanshi

Deepak Varadadi

Shreyans Bandi

Shivam Khanna

Siddharth Poddar

Sumesh Khatri

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