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IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea University

IFMR ​GSB offers a multi-dimensional approach to learning which aids high potential individuals in navigating the fast changing world and creating positive impact. While managing the evolving complexity of business and society, they are enabled to flourish as successful professionals and effective business leaders. 

Our Philosophy

To provide top-quality management education that prepares students to be ethically grounded, to be highly skilled in integrated reasoning and to be effective leaders of enterprises

Top Quality Management Education

At IFMR GSB, we place a premium on quality education. Our students are provided a vibrant intellectual foundation of theory, knowledge, skills and perspectives that is further enriched by our unique interwoven approach. It’s an intellectual environment that helps students learn how to learn, explore their curiosity through action-based learning, acquire a spirit of inquiry and hone their capacity for independent thought and beliefs.

Ethically grounded

We endeavor to not just inculcate critical, abstractive, analytical, quantitative and integrative habits of the mind, but ethical ones too. We believe that a strong ethical grounding is essential to navigate accelerating change and the increasing complexity of interdependence in business and society and to meet the competing demands of diverse stakeholders and thrive as professionals.

Highly skilled in Integrated Reasoning

We prepare our students in integrated reasoning so that they are the preferred choice of employers. Many go on to become successful leaders of enterprises— of existing ones and the ones they create. At IFMR GSB, we ensure our students gain a sense of stewardship—not just of enterprises, but also of the human, financial, material, and natural resources that must be sustained for posterity.