Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

Course Objective

This unique course is designed keeping in mind participants who will drive business growth of the future. The course titled “digital marketing” is intended to prepare participants for an overall understanding of the ecosystem around digital marketing. Employer’s today value specific skills but also looking forward to managers who have an overall understanding of business to integrate traditional business activities with modern tools bringing the much needed growth in business. Hence our approach to digital marketing will be focused on teaching business-outcomes rather than being tool-centric. After this course, the participants must be able to join big organizations/SMEs as a digital marketing expert. The participants must also be able to offer themselves as consultants to MSMEs who care looking for better survival and growth to next stage of their businesses. This course shall prepare them for both B2B and B2C digital marketing.


Course Duration30 hours
VenueIFMR Graduate School of Business, 196, TTK Road, PG Gardens, Alwarpet, Chennai
Lead FacultyProf K Varadharajan
  1. To gain specific skills related to social media platforms (like blogs, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) And related etiquette of marketing.
  2. Participants will learn to build content and also distribution which are vital in digital marketing.
  3. To apply such skills basis the business-case-in-hand via projects that shall be given. In short, participants must be able to come up with a digital strategy for a given business.
  4. Participants will learn the importance of analytics as measurement is key to the success of digital marketing.
  5. A broad understanding of the ecosystem and a personal template to update continuously for the future beyond this course.
  • Classroom lectures
  • Classroom assignments
  • Classroom group exercises
  • Group homework (worksheets/assignments)
  • Group presentations
  • 24×7 conversations via digital discussion platform that will be provided (highlight of the program)
  • Course learnings via all the digital tools taught in the course.
  • Individual recommended readings
  • Two-way feedback system
  • A short project as a convergence of all learnings. (highlight of the program)
  • 20,000/- + 18% GST
  • Early Bird Discount of 10% for 1st few participants, so hurry and register now!
  • To Know more / register – Mail @ [email protected] or call @ 9500055698

Varadh, a well-known marketing strategist with special focus on using social business as a strategy, helps businesses of all sizes with fine-tuned social business consultancy. He believes that every business organization strives to not only expand and enhance their value but also the personal lives of all those involved.