What do we Do?

“Entertainment is about taking the people away from the regular order of things, when there is some chaos, pain and stress.”
We at Team Laasya – The Cultural Committee of IFMR GSB, are responsible for breaking the shackles of monotony and making the college life for students, a memorable ride. From Freshers to Farewell and from celebrating the festivities, to movie screenings, we bring students from all the corners and cultures of the country to unite and enjoy the feeling of togetherness as one big family. We believe in teamwork coupled with immense love, respect and understanding amongst our committee members who work together for days and nights to not only make lifelong memories and friendships, but also to put up a great show. And it just gets better every time.”

it's all about the team

meet The Team

Akanksha Singh

Ananya Kumari

Ayush Singh

Jugal Desai

Kini Singh

Lovely Premchandani

Sanjay Kollipara

Suyash Kabra

Aditya Singh

Aditya Khetan

Arpit Malviya

Lavanya Selvakumar

Ojas Jain

Prerana Biyani

Rajshree Agarwal

Samiksha Nabira

Suhird Purwar

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