What do we Do?

The Placements Committee at IFMR GSB (PlaceCom) is a student body responsible for carrying out all placements related activities. PlaceCom is a team of highly motivated students, mentored by the Corporate Relations and Career Services (CRCS) Team. Our team is committed to providing the best opportunities for each student in their domains of interest and securing 100% Final Placements and Summer Internships on campus. Our committee has not only consistently set high standards for itself but has been successful in surpassing them time and again. In addition, we play an instrumental role in developing and sustaining a mutually beneficial long term relationship with the Corporates.
From conducting 10-hour long, nerve-racking placement processes to burning the mid-night oil for contacting companies and from keeping up with the expectations of the batch throughout the year to delivering the best results, we manage it all hands down.

it's all about the team

meet The Team

Vivek Mishra

Aman Sharma

Sanjoli Mishra

Sushma Animalla

Mohit Modi

Manasa Gullapalli

Himanshu Deora

Avaneeja Kuna

Aasha Bhavani

Aayushi Jhunjhunwala

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