December 11, 2020

The theme for the (virtual) annual research symposium at IFMR GSB this year is Inclusion and Sustainability. The inequalities and exclusion that surfaced during the ongoing pandemic, and the recent widespread protests from the BLM movement have served as a wake-up call globally and put a spotlight on how inclusive our societies really are. This symposium highlights evidence-based research towards answering some burning questions on inclusion and sustainability. It promises to be an action packed day with an interesting range of themes and speakers from across the world. 

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Keynote address

An Inclusive Growth Dividend:

Reframing the Role of Income Transfers in India’s Development Strategy

Research Seminar

Perspectives on Digital Inclusion

Research Seminar

Social Enterprise and Digital Transformation

Showcase : Research Databases

India Data Portal : a valuable data source for academic research on inclusion

Showcase : J-PAL South Asia Research

Embedding the graduation approach in Bihar’s formal social protection system

Research Seminar

Access to Banking, Savings and Consumption Smoothing in Rural India

Distinguished Lecture

FinTech for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Showcase : LEAD Research

Scoping meso-level insurance in Agricultural sector in India

Showcase : Government initiatives

Fintech for Agriculture

Distinguished Lecture

Covid 19 Impact on Employment and Welfare, and the Way Forward

Showcase : Industry best practices

Inclusive employment for speech and hearing impaired

Distinguished Lecture

How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit

Showcase : Government initiatives

Technology and Inclusion

Distinguished Lecture

On Her Own Account :

How Strengthening Women’s Financial Control Impacts Labor Supply and Gender Norms