"Krea has offered me the opportunity to explore all my interests in the same place, and has changed the way I approach problems and come up with impactful solutions".

Aishwarya Sivaramakrishnan

Cohort of 2022
Passionate about creating measurable social impact in the field of education, and dreams of moving to Germany and owning a library

Mathematics at Krea

Mathematics has been a fundamental domain of human thought, imagination, and creativity for thousands of years, across a variety of cultures. Today, mathematics also has applications in a large number of disciplines, including the physical, natural, and social sciences, engineering, data science, business, and finance. The Krea University mathematics major will serve as a comprehensive introduction to modern mathematical thought. It will also motivate an understanding of the direction, fundamental relevance, applicability, and social context of mathematics in the 21st century.

The increasing importance of abstract, algorithmic, and statistical techniques suggests that the relevance of mathematics will only grow. Krea mathematics majors will be introduced to these domains and their applications, both within the classroom and through real-world immersive experiences, and will therefore be excellently placed to develop further specific and broad competencies in these areas. Emerging fields such as data science and artificial intelligence increasingly impact many facets of human life: mathematics students at Krea will be exposed, through coursework and seminars, to the ethical implications that can arise out of technical mathematical work and consequent actions.

The Approach

A student majoring in mathematics at Krea will emerge with fluency in the language of mathematical and logical reasoning, and gain specific technical knowledge and understanding of a broad core of foundational content in areas such as calculus, algebra, analysis, probability, and differential equations. They will also have taken a number of more specialised courses from a basket of recommended electives: this will deepen their understanding of specific mathematical disciplines in line with their interests. The topics selected for these recommended elective courses provide a snapshot of the breadth and depth of modern mathematics. Upon completion of their degree, a Krea mathematics major will be able to appreciate some of the questions and themes that guide current research in mathematics, and recognise the nature of the subject as a creative technical discipline.

Krea mathematics majors will have the opportunity to study, through interdisciplinary coursework, how mathematics resonates and interacts with other academic areas. Students majoring in mathematics at Krea will develop an appreciation for the historical context of the field. Writing and communicating mathematical information coherently and precisely is an important skill, involving appropriately framing context and describing technical details: in an increasingly interconnected and technologically dependent world, it is also becoming important for technically and scientifically trained individuals to write effectively for a

non-technical audience. The mathematics major at Krea will strongly emphasise the importance of good writing technique, and students majoring in mathematics will be trained along these lines. Krea mathematics students, like their counterparts majoring in other disciplines, will write a capstone thesis in their final year: this will provide an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of a specific topic of interest; allow a hands-on appreciation for the nature of mathematical research; and offer a chance to further hone communication skills through long-form specialised writing.

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