"Krea's commitment to diverse learning in Psychology has been a cornerstone of my academic journey. The specialised professors brought real-world insights into the classroom, empowering me to pursue my goals with confidence and clarity."

Inika Khosla

SIAS Cohort of 2023
Current affiliation: MSc student at King’s College London, pursuing Mental Health Studies

Psychology at Krea

The Psychology Major at Krea University aims to develop students’ capacities to comprehend and scrutinise psychological knowledge while fostering their understanding of research methods for exploring human behaviour and cognition at multiple levels of analyses. The curriculum encourages students to engage in an understanding of existing studies critically, reading and engaging with original papers and peer-reviewed journal articles, questioning and analysing methodologies, reliability of findings, and validity of conclusions. This cultivates their critical thinking skills and enables them to assess the strengths and limitations of various studies. Psychology at Krea is guided by principles of ethical rigour, scientific integrity, and the decolonisation of psychological science. It acknowledges the influence of unique contextual factors on human behaviour and cognition, prompting students to explore these influences in their research. Simultaneously, it recognises historical biases and power imbalances within the field of psychology, urging students to critically examine and challenge traditional perspectives while incorporating diverse voices

The undergraduate Psychology Programme at Krea University is built on developing meaningful connections between courses that introduce diverse psychological theories and methods to students. Through testing and measurement exercises conducted in the Krea Psychology Lab, students apply their knowledge and develop practical skills, and through exploration, comprehension, critique, and construction of psychological knowledge from various disciplines, students are taught to develop a strong foundation in thinking and writing about psychology. This foundation enables them to engage in research projects under the supervision of faculty who are experts in diverse areas of psychology and research methodologies. The curriculum equips students with skills in psychological science, including parsing credible sources, integrating qualitative and quantitative research methods, conducting quasi-experimental studies, and developing ethical guidelines for fieldwork. Additionally, students learn to write about psychology in the academic conventions of the APA/MLA format. They also acquire the competence and creativity to effectively communicate research-based findings to both an academic readership and general audiences.

In addition to its focus on research and higher education, the Psychology Major at Krea University exposes students to various strands of psychology, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue diverse careers in the field. The curriculum recognises that psychology offers a wide array of career paths beyond research and academia. Students are introduced to different branches of psychology, such as social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical and counselling psychology, among others. By exploring these different strands, students gain insights into the practical applications of psychology and the potential career opportunities available in each area. Whether their interests lie in clinical practice, human resources, counselling, research, advocacy, policy intervention, scientific journalism, or other areas, the curriculum provides them with a foundation to pursue their chosen careers within the field of Psychology.

The Approach

The Psychology Major at Krea University offers students a solid foundation by integrating various theories and pluralistic approaches that underpin psychology as a modern scientific discipline. The program exposes students to both established mainstream perspectives and emerging critical viewpoints within the field. Krea’s unique interwoven approach encourages exploration of interconnected theories beyond the boundaries of psychology, inviting students to engage with disciplines such as philosophy, history, social studies, and biology. Krea students undergo carefully thought out core and skills courses in the first year, including ethics, data analytics, writing, philosophical perspectives, social and historical concepts, creative expressions, and computational thinking, that also informs the psychology curriculum. In other words, students will be actively encouraged to bring in their knowledge and experiences from other disciplines and courses to bear upon their learning process in psychology.
At Krea University, our overarching goal is to equip students with a broad and humane perspective that nurtures a lifelong commitment to inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. This objective is achieved through a teaching approach that is critically informed, reflective, and responsive to the needs of the community, complemented by research activities that further enhance students’ understanding of psychology and its broader implications.

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