The IFMR Edge

Why Data Science?

Data science is the business of extracting actionable insights from all kinds of data – numbers, text, pictures and multimedia. As more and more business processes go digital, a combination of optimized algorithms and ever-increasing processing power now makes it possible to analyze them more deeply than ever before. The era of data science, long anticipated as a wave of the future, has finally arrived.

Companies are harnessing the new capabilities offered by data science to solve critical problems: assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers, detecting fraud in financial transactions, anticipating and countering personnel turnover, identifying and retaining the most profitable customers, and diagnosing and predicting failures in manufacturing and service operations. Even a small investment in data science can bring large benefits to businesses. The biggest obstacle for a company in realizing these benefits is the shortage of trained data scientists.

The IFMR Edge

IFMR GSB, now part of Krea University, has a 50-year history as a research institution; its business school is 20 years old. Throughout its existence, IFMR has built its capability for rigorous quantitative research – an asset that now places it at the forefront of data science education in the country. The key components of IFMR GSB’s data science capability are:

Programme Curriculum

The 10-month programme includes over 250 hours of classroom instruction across the full spectrum of data science: statistics, machine learning (including deep learning and natural language processing), programming in Python and R, the management of Big Data, and application of analytics to finance, marketing, retailing and supply chain management. Modules on forecasting, optimization and data visualization are the skill sets imparted to students of the certificate program.

Classes are held every Sunday at our Chennai office at 196, TTK Road, Alwarpet in Chennai. Classes that need specialized hardware (such as a computing cluster) or software (such as IBM SPSS) are conducted at the Krea University campus in Sri City (transportation provided).

The specific topics covered in the curriculum include*:


The certificate program is taught by a team of instructors drawn from the IFMR GSB faculty as well as accomplished practitioners from Amazon, Flipkart, and other data-intensive businesses. The following full-time IFMR faculty members teach in the program:


Holders of Bachelor’s degrees or higher in any field of study from a recognized university, working in all fields of work in private and public organizations, are eligible to apply. No programming background is presumed, but students should be ready to learn to program in Python and R as part of the course.

Application Process

Applications are processed online and Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview at our Chennai campus. (Applications closed for 2020)