Analytics Club

What do we Do?

A newly formed club, started in February 2019 to endeavor the skills and importance in
business learning gems of IFMR-GSB. The objective is to encourage and make every
individual to enlighten the ease of business with data tools and techniques. At present in
this business world, only one slogan keeps running in corporate minds, No data, No development
• We nurture the ability of visualization of MBA students and help them to makebetter use of business statistics and different analytic tools.
• To improve the ability of storytelling using data and not just number crunching.
• To improve the overall quantitative aptitude of the IFMR GSB students that would be
helpful irrespective of the domain of study.
• We create awareness by conducting events to provide students with insights about
latest trends, techniques and tools in the field of Analytics.
• We update students with latest trends via social media and weekly mails.

it's all about the team

meet The Team

Aishwarya Maharana

Gopal Mahajan

Manya Tuli

Sankalp Joshi

Shivam Khanna

Srushti Kadam

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