What do we Do?

The Consulting Committee of IFMR, focuses on developing and inculcating the consulting mindset amongst the students of IFMR by providing them with an opportunity to bring out the innovative business ideas, models, and present it to the outside world. Activities conducted by the committee include analysis of short cases prepared by the students in collaboration with the in-house faculty and strong alumni network and coming up with innovative ideas, analyzing existing real-life scenarios from various verticals in the corporate world i.e. Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations. It involves consulting on real life problems faced by the business world and managing crisis by coming up with analytical solutions. Consulting Committee of IFMR brings various domains of the business world under one single spectrum

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meet The Team

Ketan Goyal

Venu Vedant Singh

Isha Chaudhari

Komal Sawadia

Neetushree Konwar

Aditya Shekhawat

Neha Vivek

Pranav Chopra

Sai Saranya S

Yashodeep Mahapatra

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