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Visual Art in Computing: It’s All Fun and Games Until You Can’t Pass Math

Visual Art in Computing: It’s All Fun and Games Until You Can’t Pass Math

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Bootstrap is one of the largest computing outreach programmes in the US (and sees use in other countries too). Unlike most other programmes in this space, which teach computing as a stand-alone discipline, Bootstrap emphasises integration, i.e. teaching computing in conjunction with other subjects like algebra, physics, and data science.
Key parts of the Bootstrap curriculum make extensive use of visual media: images, animations, and video games. In addition to describing the project overall, Prof Krishnamurthi will discuss these uses of visual media. This will force a discussion on the role of creativity and how it ties to accomplishing necessary and important curricular goals. The talk will also touch on accessibility issues.

About the Speaker:
Prof Shriram is the Vice President for Programming Languages at Brown University in Providence, RI, US. He’s not, really, but that’s what it says on his business card. At heart, he’s a person of ill-repute: a Schemer, Racketeer, and Pyreteer. He believes tropical fruit are superior to all other kinds. He is terrified of success, because he may be forced to buy a suit. He is known to interrogate his audiences to ensure they’re paying attention. So, be alert. You can read email later.

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