Exciting Finance, Principled Finance

Course Objective

The financial sector is one of the world’s biggest employers of well-trained and talented professionals. Finance professionals are globally mobile and are richly rewarded. Finance is globally portable asset.This course is designed and structured to help participants prepare themselves for exciting, multifaceted and rewarding global careers in finance, financial services and technology services to the financial sector. Finance broadly comprises the following:


  • Accounting and auditing
  • Banking
  • Central and reserve banking
  • Corporate finance and capital markets
  • Economic, business and financial research
  • Government and public finance




  • Insurance and risk management
  • Investment banking, securities and regulations
  • Mutual funds, retirement security and wealth management
  • Project finance and infrastructure development
  • Technology services and development of financial technology (FinTech) applications



Finance is a force for good. It drives and delivers employment, incomes, well-being, security, homes, healthcare, industries and modern infrastructure. Finance professionals are employed in banks, companies and multinational corporations, and in government. This course on- the purpose, practice and principles of finance will enable participants:

  • To prepare for lifelong careers in one or more of the specialisations in finance and
  • To make the right choice of employment and self-employment.


Course Duration30 hours
VenueIFMR Graduate School of Business, 196, TTK Road, PG Gardens, Alwarpet, Chennai
Lead FacultyProf G. Ramachandran

Twenty sessions and their focus

  1. Money, Its Creation, Its Guarantor, The Reserve/Central Bank, Money Supply And Economic Activity, Monetary Policy
  2. Savings, Banks & Deposits, Loans, Borrowers, Interest And Principal, Credit Risk, Ownership, Shareholding And Sharing, Equities, Risks, Rewards, Financial Markets, Global Capital Markets, Investment Banks
  3. Accounting, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Principles Of Accounting, The External Uses Of Financial Statements, Auditing, The Chartered/Certified Professionals
  4. The Internal Uses Of Accounting, Activity Planning, Budgets, Profits, Performance And Control, Cost/Management Accounting
  5. Government, Taxes And Public Finance, Budgeting In Government, Current Account, Capital Account, Sovereign Borrowings
  6. Exports, Imports, Foreign Exchange, Exchange Rates, Global Monetary System, Current Account, Capital Account, Balance Of Payments, Foreign Exchange Reserves
  7. Determinants Of Exchange Rates, Purchasing Power Of Money, Productivity Of Nations, Prosperity Of Nations
  8. Economic Output, GDP, Economic And Business Environment, Business Cycles, Consumption, Production, Profits And Taxes, Long-term Planning And Budgets
  9. Banks, Accounting for Sources And Uses, Consumer & Corporate Banking, Assets & Non-performing Assets, Deposit Insurance, Capital Adequacy, Liquidity Management, Relationship With Central/Reserve Bank
  10. The Limitations Of Banking, Bond Markets, Credit Spreads, Equity Markets, Securities Markets, Listing, Exchanges, Brokerages
  11. Preferred Stock, Convertible Bonds, Warrants, Voting Rights, Bankruptcy, Corporate Capital And Governance
  12. Cost Of Capital, Weighted Average Cost Of Capital, Asset Creation, Asset Acquisitions, Incremental Cash Flows, Projects And Capital Budgeting, Forecasting And Estimation Skills, Allocating Of Scarce Capital
  13. Startups, Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Private Equity, Sweat Equity, Valuation
  14. Properties Of Portfolios, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Accounting For Funds
  15. Investment Research, Bonds And Credit Ratings, Equity Research, Valuation, Buy/Sell/Hold, The Financial Analyst
  16. Price Risk Management, Forward Contracts, Futures Contracts, Options, Swaps, Hedging, Speculation
  17. Insurance, Reinsurance, Premiums, Actuarial Risks, Management Of Insurance Premiums, Accounting For Insurance Companies
  18. Finance For Households, Consumer Finance, Home Loans And Mortgages, Educational Loans, Farm Loans, Credit Scores, Loan Waivers
  19. Financial Planning For Individuals
  20. Technology Services, Automation, Financial Technology Applications

20,000/- + 18% GST

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Ethical enthusiasm to serve families, businesses and government; ambition to build a career as a financial professional; and a bachelor’s degree

Prof G. Ramachandran teaches finance at IFMR GSB, KREA University and has two and a half decades experience of global consulting in corporate finance, investment banking, financial markets, monetary policy, digital payments & digital money. He was a member of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Economists Forum and a consultant to the Government of India for:

  1. The introduction of exchange-traded financial and commodity futures and options and
  2. The offer for sale and listing of equities of public sector enterprises.

He is an alumnus of the College of Engineering Gundy, Chennai, and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He has been an analyst, mentor and teacher at four of the world’s most significant central banks and half a dozen globally active investment banks. He has also been a consultant to the World Bank.